Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge 2012

January – Simple


February – Down


March – Unusual


April – Arranged


May – Sun


June – Summer


July – Movements


August – Growth


September – Wrong


October – Silhoutte


November – Geometry


December – Changing Seasons



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  1. A Year that included Happy Events People Nature Memories what more could one need 🙂
    maybe more time I guess !
    Great WPC revue Rommel .

  2. Thank you everyone! I was worried that I will lose following because of my hiatus, not posting a blog, not replying to comments and barely visiting other blogs.
    I woke up this morning, and I got a very overwhelming number of viewers, likers and commenters. Thank you!
    Weeeee! i still got it! Bwahahahaha

  3. We’ve been waiting… 🙂 Thank you for such an aesthetic review of 2012, Rommel! The tree (growth) is an awesome shot, the January is so beautifully simple, and the sea horse, wow! I’m glad you include the Silhoutte and the Geometry. Happy 2013!

  4. Loved all of these shots.. you have a great photographic eye.. I have signed up for the 365 Project (photography) so maybe, just maybe this time next year I’ll have some fab shots to share as well..

    • I think you should just make another new blog. You are an excellent, excellent writer. You should leave your blog as that. But it’s your blog, just my ,02 c. Hehe I’m guessing you really are taking photography pursuit seriously.

      • I think your .02c is on the money.. I had been thinking of that but want to make sure I have the time to devote to a Photo blog, this one and 365..I’ll give it a few months.. to answer your question yes, writing will always have my heart but with pictures that is relaxing, just open your eyes and there is a beautiful shot waiting to be snapped.

  5. You still got it ! Love the sparklers. BTW don’t put spraklers on a trifle or cake for desert. When the sparkler goes out the top of the desert is covered with ash! Still tastes good though.

  6. Looking forward to 2013 photos! I’m so glad I finally discovered the blogging world. Lots of cool stuff out there! I just need more time in the day to read everything!! Thanks for spending the time working on this great blog!

  7. Great shots Rommel, and all such different subjects. I especially love ‘January’, what a wonderful picture. Happy 2013 and looking forward to more of your artistry! 🙂

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