Monterey, California

Whenever I travel, I always like knocking out two (or more) birds in one stone (what a morbid idiomatic expression!). That isn’t seem to be the case with me and Monterey, Ca. Whenever I hit the road, I never had a concrete plan on my stops. Maybe I stop by Half Moon Bay. Maybe it’s time for me to hit Morro Bay. Maybe a quickie in Carmel will do for my travel fix (awful euphemism, Rommel, way to go). Monterey Bay seems to be always drawing me in whenever I pass by its sign when I approach the peninsula. And everytime, it’s as if Monterey teases me into just hitting one major spot at a time so I can come back to it again. The first time was the best aquarium in by book, Monterey Bay Aquarium.

The second time, returning back South, I went to the California’s lesser-known Old Fisherman’s Wharf. 1150363_514124395334267_2101044647_n 1011497_514124385334268_1379278867_n 1146676_514124412000932_852254887_n 1094991_514124368667603_1158741481_n

Last month, I hung out at Pacific Grove and the pier.

999995_10151789478143578_1968004142_n 1082610_10151769741243578_602624346_o Other than parking fee, time and a little bit of gas, I definitely have no problem with Monterey Bay reeling me in all the time. I know there’s plenty more to explore there. Maybe I hit the non-touristy areas. Maybe I’ll go seek a hike there. Maybe actually get to a water activity. Whatever it is I do or go there, the case won’t be just maybe’s, I’m certain that I’ll have a great time for Monterey, California never fails to mesmerize me ….. each time.


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  1. Wonderful photos! You’ve captured some really love shots of a wonderful part of the state! I love Pacific Grove. My best friend lived in Monterey when my children were small and we spent a lot of time time there. There is so much wonderful history. We haven’t been for some time…you may have given me a little spark of inspiration to return before long. It’s really beautiful in October. 🙂

  2. that fish…what an expression it swims around with! 🙂 your mini photo tour–delightful! if i had to select my favorite ones it would have to be those two fog/cloud in the background, the grooming pelican :), and, of course, the cute fish. 😆

  3. We spent a week in Monterey Bay last summer. What a wonderful, beautiful place! I couldn’t get enough of those seals. And that aquarium was so much fun. Love the jelly fish which was the feature at the time. The weather was cool and sunny which we appreciated after weeks at 100 degrees.

    • Done. The first time I was, I didn’t know about his statue there. So actually time around, my most major goal was to take a picture Steinbeck. Of Mice and Men is simply my most favorite novel.

      So so Glad you noticed him. 😀

    • Oh I remember the picture-taking part of the turtles. Was hard for some reason. First. It’s quite popular so I have to wait for other people to clear out. Then, the turtle won’t stay out of the edge the aquarium. You can see in the picture that its hand is cut off. It just wont cooperate for me to picture it where it’s in the middle of the tank. Well, I’m glad it turned out just fine. 😀

      Thanks for the visit. I’m sure you had fun there.

  4. Oh wow, those snapshots just make me want to fly over right this instance 😀 Even though the flight would be around 10 hours, I definitely think it would be worth it!

    • I feel you. Everytime I see a travel post that I like, i feel like just really catch the red eye or hop on the midnight train and daydream of going at the drop of a hat.

    • Thanks sandradan for the comment and visit. Nice choice of location to go to on this side of the globe. I, myself, have been to Andalusia region before. 😉

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