In the Land of the Rising Sun …

A little update …

Yes, I bade sayonara to a land of setting sun, that is California, and greeted konichiwa to the land of the rising sun, Japan.


A little story …

While we were waiting at the airport, I was, in its literal sense, constipated. I was with co-workers. If they get a snippet that I’m having abdominal pain, my chance of going to Japan will be shot into smithereens. And so, I enacted like nothing’s wrong happening with me. I was stiff as a ramrod. They asked me a question, I was just nodding or SMH-ing. They offered me food, I snubbed them. They commanded me to do so something, I pretended to be falling asleep. I was already thinking of the worst like appendicitis. But I just have to, HAVE TO get on that plane!!!

Atlas! Flight something-something is now boarding. But urgh! not a perfect timing for I had to do my business. I was sweating profusely as I was seemingly walking the path to the door of freedom, not the airplane entrance but to its tiny restroom. At times like these when you think something is within your reach, everything else seems like is in slow motion.  Literally though, there was a woman having her slow-motion moment when she dropped her carry-on bag and had to pick it up. I wanted to tackle everyone in front of me as if I was Billy Bob playing football. And then finally, the moment of ever-effervescent joy in cloud 9, Disneyland and wiiing-flying Red Bull… Success! I opened the door matter-of-factly and then instantly I deuced the drop, and my stomach pain had a great release. 😀  Even better, I went and searched for my seat and found that I was going to sit by myself for the entire flight, and that I didn’t have to excuse myself every time my breadbasket gets an outburst. The pilot turned the seatbelt lights on. The flight attendants asked us to have our windows open and our seats in the upright position. We landed to Japan, and for the last order of “my business” I just need to be reminded not to bow too much when the Japanese greets us or else I might “get into an accident”. 😀 Wait, Ooops … I forgot something. 😀

Sorry for the graphics and my inexperienced storytelling. I will now make a turn into a complete transition.

My first few pics of Japan…


As I was coming out the staircase on the 4th floor of my building for the next 6 months, I spotted that the sun’s quite photogenic. I headed back to my room and grabbed my gadget immediately. This time, however, I picked not the big camera but my android.

If I can make decent shots like that with my cellphone, then anyone can. You just have to have an eye for it. 😉

Last Call…



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  1. and there you go…Rommel makes his graceful debut entrance over the land of the rising sun – i can feel your energy ready to capture all the images that Japan has to offer! 🙂

  2. Wow Japan, Rommel! Great to see the glorious sun in Japan was there to welcome you 🙂 Cell phone shot 😕
    The Last Call is back, Thank you!!

  3. Oh boy, love the humor in the story, I did visualize your trip to the door of freedom. When I read your title, I asked myself, is he in Japan? And indeed you are…and Im sure in due time you will be blogging in nipongo. Loved that last call shot, sun and moon in one shot.

  4. Thanks for the entertainment! Loved it and glad it all worked “out” for you…haha!

    Wonderful photos! I take all my sunset photos (never make it for sunrise) with my Android. Much truer colors than my camera.

    Enjoy Japan!

    • Nice put. It did work “out” well enough to get me here. Ah yeah, when you have dslr pics, it generates the pics. The results of my pics here though, using android, is not entirely the same as the actual. The actual scene when I took it was a lot brighter than it came out. So, I cant really say for now what manipulates more.

  5. Welcome to Japan, Rommel! Where will you be staying & for how long? Let me know if you need any travel/living help! My first tip is if anything like that happens again, you shouldn’t be at a loss for clean bathrooms all around Japan! Just head to the closest convenience store (convini)!

    • I’m here for six months. Going from Okinawa to the rest of mainland Japan is pricey! So it looks like I’m just going to learn to embrace wherever i am. Hopefully, i get to see at least one major city, if they let me or I get enough budget for travel expenses.

      • Ooo! Are you going to be mainly in Okinawa? If you have any mileage with ANA or JAL (or another airline in the same mileage club as those), you might be able to buy a ticket using miles. It’s very easy and cheap domestically! Otherwise, check the travel agency H.I.S. – they sometimes have good package deals! You can call the Japanese office – they have agents that speak English. I just did a quick flight check, and if you fly one of the budget airlines (AirAsia or JetStar), you can get a round trip ticket for 17,000 yen – around $180. Hope this helps!

  6. What a rough trip! Sounds harrowing! But glad you arrived and appear to be in good health. It will be great to experience some of Japan’s beauty…if anyone can find it and document it well, it will be you! 🙂

  7. Konichiwa! (I think that means hello in Japanese). Your sun shots are lovely. And they were taken using an Android phone huh? If you did not tell, nobody would have been able to tell the difference. 🙂

    • Taking a picture with your cellphone in a setup like is almost like doing magic tricks. Even more surprising, I didn’t do any magic tricks of manipulating the photos.

    • Going to Kyoto would be hard for me. 😦 Sadly, we have a bit of restrictions going to mainland Japan. Plus it is actually still expensive to g from the island of Okinawa all the way up north to cities like Kyoto or Tokyo. I don’t know. I may or may not go there.

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