Canoeing at Bios Botanical Garden

Boy, did we have fun?

As expected coming to a botanical garden, we started with a stroll around forests of greens.

We appreciated the abundance of beautiful orchids, and other lovelies scattered on the trails.

We continued on riding a boat. The tranquility and peace was upon us alongside the comedic commentaries by the tour guide. We didn’t understand it but we knew it was funny because all the Japanese were giggling at the jokes. We laughed with them anyway. 😀

Surprises awaited as we navigate through the lake.

We combed the garden for some more nature walks.
Then for some reason, the group decided to crank it up a notch by going canoeing.

It was a good thing that my partner got the skills… being it my first canoeing experience. Else, I’d be going around in circles. 😀


So, did we really had fun?

Last Call …


Even without the canoeing, it’s always nice connecting with nature.


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  1. A lovely simple pleasurable visit ending with a bit of excitement , that sounds good Rommel . Fun shot that last one I can feel the water going down the back of neck by proxy Lol
    Have done circling in a rowing boat so many times to gales of laughter I now leave it to others.
    Love the Japanese costume .

    • They are. They really, really are. My grandparents have memories of the awful history of Japan and the wars. Though now, Japanese are legitimately very nice people. They never want for explosions to happen again.

  2. Oh I so adore the Jap costume… great & lucky you to be able to places like this. Btw, this is Prem. I am not able to open my old blog so here I am starting all over again. Visit me on my new blog sometime my friend. 🙂

    • Oh hey there! If that’s the case, then I’ll make an announcement for my next post. Sux that you lost a blog! I thught we all can keep our blogs forever. What happened?

  3. gorgeous pictures Rommel. And I too love ¥our sky shots! WOW. My bucket list is Budapest, the country part of Japan, Northern India , Leningrad …. I can’t find where to comment since you got to Japan. ????? Check out my new post It’s on Vietnam. You asked me to let you know 🙂

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