White Beach Clean-Up

This is actually where the first time I went out in Japan.


A volunteering activity and a fun, fulfilling day at the beach.


This was only the first weekend when I got here in Japan. The instance I heard that they are looking for volunteers to clean up a beach, I immediately signed up for it. It was for that opportunity, and plainly for the urge of wanting to see Japan for the first time.

It really set the tone for me. Not only did I get to contribute immediately to Okinawan community but I also got to interact with the locals in just a matter of days of coming here.

We cleaned the beach, grilled hotdogs and burgers, and played beach volleyball with them. Just an excellent way to build relationship and rapport with the locals. I learned my first few Japanese words from them. I also learned that they have a very tight, unshakeable familial atmosphere. It’s kind of their religion actually. They have their utmost respect for each of the family members. So it’s a big no-no when you mouth foul words or basically any rude or ill-mannered acts around them. That pretty much tells you that Japanese people truly are the nicest people despite their history.


White Beach is part of a military installation here in Okinawa.

[All images above are taken with my cellphone.]


Last Calls….

I love the skies here in Japan. I dont mean to compare, but the clouds here are very noticeable unlike anywhere I’ve ever been in America, or anywhere really. Same thing in the Philippines. Philippines has great cloud formations but you hardly notice it esp. when you’re in the city. Everyday here in Okinawa is just explosions of heavenly glories in the sky.




The clouds drifted apart, the sun is gone, and nothing is heard afterwards…ahhh peace.



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  1. this is really beautiful – you volunteering, meeting up with the people…sharing and helping. the beach, seem very calm and with clean looking water. 🙂
    i like your “explosions of heavenly glories” descriptions on the cloud formation. and iPhone or other, your photos always shine. 🙂

    • Yeah, i didn’t just saw Japan for the first time, I get to actually experience being with the locals that soon from my arrival here. Awesome, perfect volunteer opportunity indeed.

  2. pollution, sadly has ruin the skies of Manila. They often look disturbing especially for somebody like me who’s lived in the province most of my life.
    With clear skies like that in Okinawa, you would most probably enjoy stargazing. 🙂

  3. I noticed your beautiful clouds image from my wp reader before I opened your blog. And you took these shots from your cell! How wonderful to interact with local people through your volunteer work 🙂
    The last calls is Back!

  4. Good for you, Rommel! The beach clean up was the perfect way to meet people and make friends, as well as being very public-spirited. That ocean is a heavenly blue, and the sunset is stunningly beautiful. 🙂

    • Oh the tsunami, sad tragedy indeed. They go through bad storms and weather every year too. Hopefully, it don’t come my way while I’m here. In my work buildings, they have sandbags to block doorways and pther precautions ready when stuffs like that happen.

  5. What beautiful beach and ocean photos! I don’t think of beaches and Japan in the same thought, though I’m not sure why. It sure is gorgeous. Great way as you said to jump in to the community and get to know people.

  6. Great fluffs of clouds … it’s Rommel doing what Rommel does . Getting involved, helping, making the most of opportunities .. Good work all round .
    What a gorgeous place it looks !

  7. You really are a friendly and outgoing person. It even shows in your posts. Could clean air be a factor with those clearer cloud formations, or maybe, Japan’s location?

    • 360 degree clouds here, and I am loving it so much. I think not polluted is one. I also think places here in Okinawa are more spacious, unlike in big cities.

  8. Reblogged this on Zen|Destin and commented:

    Fellow blogger The Sophomore Slump did a wonderful thing last week: a beach clean-up. Applause, balloons and rainbows all around for him! Although his beach is in Japan, I have a sincere appreciation for his volunteer work. Thanks, SS.

    It is imperative to maintain our beaches, not only so we can enjoy them now, but so future visitors can appreciate their beauty. This weekend includes a clean-up day in our condo, and I have never been more excited get elbows-deep in it. Hopefully I’ll post some photos of the happy helpers, too!

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