Gyokusendo Cave in Okinawa World


What is this cave doing in a place called Okinawa World? And why do they call it Okinawa World!?


It was a bucket list galore for us when we visited Okinawa World.


I’ve been to a cave before in Bohol, Philippines but it’s only a small one. Gyokusendo Cave, however, is an exhausting but equally satisfying 5km stretch long of a walk. The   second largest in Japan.


There are over a million, a million!, of massive staglamites/staglatites. Being that I wanted this so badly, I couldn’t get enough of it. Static as I was, I’m tapping my shoulder not kissing one of the million. It’s probably salty anyway, and I didn’t bring any liquor to match it with. *shrug shoulders* 😀


My apology for the euphoria. Being in a cave is a big one in my bucket list.


It’s just so spellbinding to meander underground in a cave and be blanketed by these nature’s majestic arts. The length didn’t bother me. We were lucky that it wasn’t as hot inside as they said it normall is. The maintenance is awesome. The pathway is easy to walk on and navigate. The only problem is that …


i looked around quite diligently and attentively but I just could not, urgh!, find Batman. 😀


Other than that, I’m just so happy that I get to scoop out 5 and a half pail off my bucket list that was going high up to the brim.

As for why Okinawa World? …. I’ll save that for the future post.

So what activity is still in your bucket list big time, and what was the last bucket list you crossed off recently?

Grand Canyon is one for me. And this Featured Blogger definitely got me sold…


Featured Blogger

101. Ingrid of Live Laugh RV is one hellova determined, persistent and diligent adventurer. When you are following an RV’er blogger, you literally are following an RV. Their destinations are endless. So much of things they see and places they go to that it’s almost a murder, self-execution, out of envy, to follow their blog. If you haven’t follow an  RV blog, then better start with this one. Let it be your blog bucket list. 😉 Follow Ingrid’s RV and their Colorado exploration.


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    • Hihihi. I also look at my post in my cell, my ipad and my pc. PC still the way to go.
      Oh Gilly, so you can see more than I post here in WP.
      I usually just visit FB to upload pics.

  1. The ‘mites’ grow up and the ‘tites/tights’ come down as out teacher used to say !
    What a fantastic cave visit Rommel . Spellbinding is right .
    Bucket list to visit .. last big one crossed off for me too was the seeing the Grand Canyon … an unforgettable experience ….

  2. Hey thanks so much for the shout out…..I was really surprised to see myself featured on your blog. Those cave photos are pretty spectacular. I find such low light to be a challenge. What kind of camera do you use? Thanks again for the kind words 🙂

    • You really got me convinced. Thanks for those posts.
      I have Canon T2i. I still have so much difficulties capturing these pictures. I have plenty of discard-able blurry pics. It’s even harder when there are people walking and moving in the view.

  3. amazing pics. i’ve never been inside a cave as grand as that, i’ve yet to cross off sagada, sohoton, and palawan underground river fr my bucket list. you didn’t get to see any bats inside?

    • No echo, no bats. Sagada and palawan underground are mine as well. I missed going to Sagada when we went to Ikicos region, simply because I didn’t know about it. 😦

  4. Agree with LuAnn, if you like caves add the above she mentioned and more such as Oregon National Caves, Lava Beds National Park and soon for us to explore, Mammoth Caves in KY. And oh there are caves in CA too.
    Im with you, caves such as that always awes us in a big way. Thanks for showing us this one in Japan!

  5. Thanks for the suggesons. I will have a year in the West Coast when I come back to the US. Hopefully I get to be in one in the states. I definitely didn’t expect to cross it off the bucket list elsewhere.

  6. looks like they took great care putting in the lights and walk areas – oh, gee, too bad Batman was not home. did you notice how it smelled, i mean you know, like hint of minerals in the air or just too many people odor to tell the difference.
    Thanks for the featured blog and lovely tour ♥

    • 😆 @ people’s odor. I hated the lights, Sunshine. I wanted to enter a dark cave. Then I lit the torch, referring to chemlights, and act like I’m Indiana Jones. Bwahahaha 😆

      Yeah, the maintenance is awesome there. The lights actually change to different colors, even making harder to take pictures of.

  7. That kind of caves are looking pretty similar. Last week I visited one in Mexico (Riviera Maya). It was awesome! The only thing they do not allow to make pictures there. Thank you for sharing. It makes feeling of my presence there in Gyokusendo cave.

    • If this cave doesn’t allow pictures, I’d still go inside in a heartbeat. I wanted this so badly. Taking pictures is a plus. I’m sure you were fascinated by the cave you went to as well.

      • It was speechless experience. Unfortunately, a lot of things are commercialized today and somebody making money on it. This is why it is not allowed to make pictures there. But anyway it is lifelong memory. I made a little mistake in my comment. The caves looking similar from the beginning but in closer vision and knowledge all of them have there own beauty and uniqueness..

  8. We have lots of caves here in the Appalachian Mountains. The old limestone formations are good for caves, but most are small. For your cave list, add Calsbad Caverns in New Mexico. If they let you (another tour I did 30 years ago) walk in, this gives you a great perspective on how large and deep the cave is. You had to have a guide to walk in, while most take the elevator down and back up.

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