Torii Beach, and Capture the Color

I got nominated by Rommel of The Sophomore Slump. Now, even late just like last year, I’m very obligated to respond to the challenge especially for the reason that I was gagged, shackled and pointed a gun at by the nominator.

RED I shot this during the performance of James Blake at the FYF in Los Angeles. Not only I had to manage to get clear shot of the members performing and with lights and smokes moving, I also had to wrestle with the raging fans admiring the show. I love this particular one because it truly brings out the intensity of the stage and at the same time the dramatic effect the smokes and lights create.




It might be a long shot but I struggle with my yellow. The kimono dress worn here is colorful but yellow is still the prominent one. It’s not levelled granted we were on a canoe. i guess I’m leaning towards my fascination of the subject. It really was a surprise for us navigating a lake when this performer suddenly showed up. She is holding a hyoshigi, which are basically clappers that are made of hardwood or bamboo. You can imagine a traditional folk music in the background. Then the sound of the hyosigi which intensifies as it progresses. She is on this boat, on a lake and trees in the background. Clearly, a very nice perfect setting. The performer, I was just in awe looking at her. The music, the setting, the dress, the cultural attachment, this performer, it was captivating.



It’s brutal that I only get to choose one. By the way, all pictures here are taken after the first Capture The Color Competition. This is a portion of a curious, unique and interesting tree… the Joshua Tree. I started doing some bold angles right around my post Zilch. It was not planned at all. It impulsively got me. Perhaps and I can be honest for it, it’s blog influence. I just acquired and picked it up as I see great pcitures from great bloggers.




I am going to cheat with this one. 😀 During the fourth of July weekend, we went to San Diego and visited San Diego Zoo. That’s my second visit there, and it won’t be my last. 😉 I’ve captured peacock quite a few times but never really had one that I would be so proud of to show until that Independence Day. This peacock just steals the show. Funny how it just stopped in front of the flamingos completely stealing their thunder. It just stopped there posing with her feathers wide open like a celebrity walking the red carpet and it gracefully welcoming us, paparazzi.



I’m also including a second photo from San Diego Zoo. How can I possibly resist? ….



Out of all the colors, this is the most challenging for me because I had a plenty to choose from. I was thinking about my snow hike in Palms Springs. The white building of Griffith Observatory, the white spikes of Cholla cactus, White Beach in Okinawa, etc. I’m settled for this one. The visibility just sticks out amongst all my whites. This was taken during a personal fave of mine, Eisa Festival.



That’s all for Capture The Color… My first year of Capture The Color … #155



I really like this photo of an old chair, some tall leaves, a bit of water and the city. One that really caught the eye from a great photographer Lautal of World in your eyes. Go and check it out!


Lately I’ve been doing a lot of either double posts or part twos. So I might as well continue my own blog tradition …

Another complete transition. Last Friday, we all took the time off work for some beach fun and barbeque at beautiful Torii Beach.





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  1. All of these are fabulous Rommel, especially blue. But you are naughty teasing me with just a little green – you know that the Joshua Tree national park is way up my bucket list, more please! 🙂

    • It’s a legit competition actually. I didn’t entered my photos last year. I’m not doing it again this year. Else nobody will stand a chance. Ahihihi 😀
      I think the result is out by the year’s end. Don’t quote me on that.

  2. tell Rommel of the Sophomore Slump thanks for nudging you into the Capture the Color. your first one with the yellow bus – stunning as the pretty performer this year. ahh, then there is the gorgeous peacock – Wow, but all of your photos go in that wow category. ☺
    ~beautiful Torii Beach – looks deserted. is it cold over there at this time or no one goes to that beach? curious.

  3. Spreaking of yellow, that first shot by itself reminds me of images of Cold Play concerts while all of those specific pictures remind me of the old tours by The Police.

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