Portraits of Ryukyu Mura

When a friend of mine and I went to Ryukyu Mura, I found myself photographing people. And that exactly what separates Ryukyu Mura from Okinawa World. Both centralizes everything that describes Okinawa. Although, it is here in Ryukyu Mura that you can get the very sense of how it was yesteryears ago because of the people who are roaming around this place.

I love its historic Ryukyu setting and the fact that it welcomes you to most of Okinawa’s traditional culture. You can expect plenty of Okinawan signature sights such Habu snake wine, shisa, pottery, houses and buildings of 200 years old, kimonos, tug-of-war rope, kijimuna, wish paper, banyan trees, and many more. Just things I have alreay introduced to you if you have been following my adventures here.

Ryukyu Mura literally has a cast who are casually doing daily chores, portraying arts and crafts, and  performancing cultural music and dances for the Ryukyu Royal court.

Enter my most favorite in Okinawa, EISA

I had plenty of chances of seeing Eisa performances. I will never get tired of it. Unlike Okinawa World, photography is allowed.

Sanshin is also playing in the background. Sanshin literally means three strings, and it is often associated with banjo. It is another strictly  Okinawan part of culture. Ryukyu Mura also showcases the music of hyosigi, which are clappers that are made of bamboo or hardwood. Altogether, they perform it in front of the Ryukyu royalties.

Dynamic performances, feast of the eyes clothings and captivating cultural music, I think I’d be fine either way – the king who watches these performances or the excellent performers who entertain the king. 😀

So if you have a limited time here in Okinawa, why not witness the different Ryukyuan dance and music and capture traditional Okinawa in one general location. Make Ryukyu Mura your one-stop area orientation.


Featured Blog

A relatively recent blog I followed,  it didn’t take me a long time to admire this blog. Loving it is so easy. 😀 I really like that Shelly @ Travel Stained talks about travel expenses on her blog. Writing excellency and professional photography await your visit there.


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  1. such beautiful people – their features bold and rich as their colorful costumes. it’s wonderful to see their history kept alive…now on that snake wine. i cannot imagine drinking it. otherwise, a grand tour. ☺

    • Great blog. You got me hooked at first sight. 😀 Ow Shelley, the weather changes here dramatically everyday in different time of the day. I swear I sweat today. Some days, and every night now, it gets cold.

    • I’m pretty sure there are Japanese culture performances wherever you are. You just gotta catch it. 😀 Chinese festivities are the ones that are easy to catch though.

  2. Hi Rommel!

    Glad to be meet you and what beautiful sights from Japan you have taken us through! Absolutely enjoyed the tour, I have been to Japan once and it’s one of the most exotic countries in the world and looking at your images now, I simply can’t wait to be there again one day! 🙂

  3. Such a pleasing post all round Rommel ! Again as somewhere of the many places I have never visited you really capture the culture, joy and sense of the place and people with your photographs.
    I just googled and watched Eisa dance on youtube … aha I can see why you like so much 😉

    • Weee! You watched it youtube. 😀 Thanks for doing that. I love it when readers expand more than what is presented. I had an idea of an Eisa post for long while, just couldn’t find the right timing.

  4. Looks like a wonderful place to begin one’s exploration of Okinawa. The Eisa drums look fascinating, as do the Hyosigi. Thanks for yet anther lovely post,Rommel 🙂

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