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I was goi…. Ahhh forget it. Without further ado….

Some of the best images of my Featured Blogs <- Click to get the full list.

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Madhu of The Urge To Wander

Madhu, to me, is unreachable. She travels to so many places (so she probably don’t get a lot of phone reception therefore unreachable 😀 ). Plus, she really is so eloquent and does really great phtography. Pens off to a travel writer. Madhu is one of the top blogs there ever is.

Allan: Modes of Flight Blog

Allan, The MOFman, is a legitimate artist. He never cease to impress me. I have so many images to choose from his blog. Then just last week, he still pulled an amazing capture. With this image, he mentions “it’s the most unpopular places that shine so brightly”.

Imelda: My Wall

Imelda is an amazing poet. But her macro photography is hard to ignore, most especially her nature/flower photography. Go ahead and leave this page for now and take a nature stroll through her category: Dew/Raindrop.


Magie is in Japan!!!She is onehellova travel writer. She’s very eloquent. She goes deep into her subjects. Her images and the places she goes to are to die for. I’m following her everywhere in Japan, and I really really hope you do too.

Mona Liza and Steve

Out of the entire list here on this post, Mona Liza’s Lowe’s Travels is the one that exhausted me the most as it was so hard for me to choose from all of her amazing images. It’s okay. It was a delight to visit back some her of fascinating, interesting and breathtaking pictures. Don’t miss out on their adventures. Their RV hope is to cover all states. Be sure to see the infectuous smile of Mona Liza in pictures. 😉 Also check out Steve’s Campground Reviews.

Wandering Cha

Wandering Cha is simply one of the best Philippine blogs you’ll ever follow. Seriously, one click to her blog can convince you.

Debra of Breathe Lighter

Debra’s stress-reducing blog is full of awesome trips, insightful information, exciting activities, and lively discussions to go with it all. She is an awesome, diligent historian like no other.

Paula of Lost in Translation

Paula is one lean mean photo challenge machine. She hosts Thursday Special. Be sure to get the full benefits by press play while getting amazed by her incredible, incredible images. 😉

Ingrid of Live Laugh RV

Another RVer, Ingrid is one diligent adventurer. So many beautiful nature and arresting landscape photos on her blog, I can’t help but wow to it (and be jealous) every time I visit  her blog. I tell yah. It didn’t take a long time for me to love her blog, she instantly became one of the best RV blogs.

Amy of The World Is a Book…

Ahhh Amy, lovely Amy. I’m not allowing the cliche that there is no recipe for a great blog.This highly prolific and very supportive blogger deserves all the blog recognition and success she gets. Amy is a well-oiled challenges participant, well-travelled, very informative and insightful, and friendly, all-around, outstanding blogger. Anything you expect for a great blog to follow.

AngelineM’s Blog

Another blogger who I immediately connected with right off the bat. Her iPhoneography and B&W images are as phenomenal as her big-camera pics. Angeline M. is currently enjoying herself in Mexico! Head out there and see what excitements she’s up to.

John and Pam Wright of Oh! the Places They Go!

Pam braved to enter this tunnel against claustrophobia, possible creatures inside and the dark path walking through it. With an iPhone in hand, she caught a photo of something I wished I took. Join this RV blog and follow many more of their adventures.

Cocomino of Life in Kawagoe

I love love love Cocomino’s blog. A topnotch Japanese blog. His posting pattern is simple but incredible! Check out places him and his family go to and all the activities they do including arts and crafts and some practical DIY applications. 

Sunshine of Simply Charming

Visiting her blog will give you a pocket full of Sunshine. She is soooo gooood at Haiku that she can probably create an App for it. 😀 Check out her Gratitude posts, Haikus and other writing pieces, writing and photo challenges, be sure to find out about Chuckles. Indeed, this sunny blog is Simply Charming.

Adin of A Day In Paradise

If you haven’t been following this WP star, then it seems to me you haven’t really gotten into the WP community. Ample amount of travel destinations around the world, some humor, pleasing personality, witty conversations and awesome images are some things that made this blog very successful. Check out her new blog and see more of her travels in paradise.

LuAnn of Paint Your Landscape

I have a very fond memory with LuAnn from having to meet her in person. She is one really strong woman who I look up to, and who inspires me to be an “active” adventurer. Expect beautiful poetries, outstanding informative and creative writing, and a charming personality to boot. 


Poppy is a triple-threat blogger. Not only poppy continues to impress us with her photography skills, poppy’s also an excellent writer and specializes in showcasing her arts and drawings. I’ve witnessed the progress of this blog from when it was starting to this now full-blown impressive blog. 

Gilly of Lucid Gypsy

People person Gilly is also blogger-friendly. And I’m a big Gilly fan for her impressive creative writing, wonderful photography, and travel destinations to boast for.

Last Call…

Angelia of Living, Loving, Laughing




If you want your picture removed from this post, I will retract it as soon as requested.

For some of my other Featured Blogs, I’ll be doing a part deux of this. For the rests, more power on your blogs and have fun blogging! As for me, I am done! After four straight gruelling but satisfying days, I can now sleep. 😀 For everybody… Happy Holidays. Happy Snapping. 😀 😉


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  1. Aw Rommel, you have humbled me once again. To be included amongst such talent is an honor. I look forward to checking out all the other blogs…..the ones I don’t already follow. And you know you are always welcome to stay in our guest room…..we just need plenty of notice to set it up and stake it down 😆

  2. Oh my I was scrolling slowly and thinking what incredible photos. Then I though I’ve taken one like that and then, and then I saw my name!!! Rommel you are a darling and if I ever meet you I’m going to give you a great big mummy hug 🙂

  3. I feel so honoured to be mentioned here, Rommel. You have chosen one of my favourite pics of all time. That poor sleeping lady had no idea just how famous she was going to become. 😀 I see so many of of my best-loved bloggers mentioned here. I take my hat off to all of them. Thanks again. xx

  4. Oh gosh! Was not expecting to see that sweet baby’s birth on your blog. I still get chills seeing those and knowing I captured my granddaughter’s birth. Life is amazing! Thank you for including me among these incredible and talented blogs.

    • I decided last minute not to put any testimonial. The miracle of birth, new life, I think that says a lot already. And to have captured it in a picture, much amazing!
      I love what you wrote there too. Very moving.

    • I think yours is very satisfying among all the images here because it’s unique from the rests as they are objects. I really like it that way. It catches the eye when I scroll up and down the images. 🙂

  5. I am completely honored to be included along with these other amazing bloggers. I really mean that. Thank you, Rommel. I am going to enjoy going back through and visiting each one. I was so impressed. I really appreciate you!

  6. You hang with an amazing crowd rommel!!!
    You have encompassed the best of the best that’s for sure. No way I could pick a favorite in this group. Okay the blue eyed dog is pretty high on my list but seriously each photo is incredible.
    wow, just wow.

  7. I have to take a deep breath… It really is a humbling experience to see my name in line with these top notch bloggers, and I’m so honored to be mentioned by my king of blog! I love how you describe each, reading it was like listening you talking about your best friends.
    Btw, I was not noticed by your link of my site, hope others were…

    • Geez,Amy. It was so hard for me to choose from your blog. I narrowed it down to your sun pics, the Chicago building and water, and the soldiers. I went with my dream location.

      • This post really is uplifting. You made me smile all day long (and the rest of the week), Rommel. Your did great! This photo would be my choice, because a good part my blog is about history, also it is a place I had dreamed to visited for many years; my heart still pounding when I see my TW photos… I’m happy that you like those sun pics, I think the sun was calling me that morning, didn’t even bother with the ISO Aperture, and sh speed 🙂 Thank you again, Rommel!

  8. Nah, you can leave it up there :D. Thanks Rommel. I only dropped by cause Amy told me I should. My work schedule is impossible lately and I can only do the bear minimum, but will make up for it soon I hope. Thank you for everything.

    • No need to explain, Paula. I’m the same way actually. I’m pretty sure some of them are wondering of me because I can bearly ( 😉 ) squeeze in blogging as well.

  9. Magnificent! Love them all! That dog one, especially, though.

    Oh, what a joyous life – way to LIVE. Really love your photos, Rommel. I’m sitting in my bedroom in Australia, and you’re inspiring me to travel. Still raising my son at the moment, but I feel stirrings to travel.

    • The dog charmed another one. Sunshine will be very happy to read your comment.

      On this post, these are not my pictures. I stole, ehem, acquired it from other bloggers to give them tribute.

  10. what a wonderful blogger warrior you are – and thank goodness you remembered to come back. okay, okay!! THANK YOU and wow, you just made my day. ☺ i seriously need to go wake up Chuckles – he is overdue in posting! ha-ha!! there are a few bloggers i need to check on so off i go! thanks again 🙂

  11. Thanks for choosing my photo, Rommel:) What a terrific collection of photos you have here! I am a little behind on my reading since we were away on the cruise for ten days. It is so nice of you to honor so many people:)

  12. I want to take a moment to thank everyone who visited other blogs I presented here. I feel like the work that I put in creating this post paid off. 😀 Thank you.

  13. I thought you were posting an end of year review of your own stuff, till I saw Madhu’s name. What a lovely gesture, Rommel. And for me, the good news is that I’m just about organised so I can spare some time to visit the couple of blogs I don’t know. 🙂
    Have a fabulous hard-earned Christmas!

  14. Oh dear me, I am honoured and flattered beyond words Rommel! Thank you for such a sweet thoughtful gesture dear friend 🙂
    PS: Have no idea why your pingbacks never show up on my blog!!

  15. HI. I do not know what to say because I am awed by the photos you featured and really really quite surprised to be in this list. Thank you very much. 🙂

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