Southeast Botanical Garden Illumination, or Meaning of Christmas

Southeast Botanical Garden is just a stone-throw away from my work area. I finally got to go there, and I think I found the right timing. I have also been meaning to see some illuminations here in Okinawa, Japan, and it took me the last minute to actually do so.


It was raining a bit.


It was raining with lights a lot. 😀



I never had any Christmas post. I don’t do any holiday post, really. I hate incorporating religion into my topic of discussion. Well, I just had this school paper that basically talked about my meaning of Christmas when I was in grade school that want to share now. Of course this is not the same article but I remember the four meanings that I put. There are four things I think are the true meanings of Christmas. It all comes back to the origin.

1.) Simplicity – Christ was born in the manger. Just a bunch of animals around. The delivery was done on a stack of hay. Nothing was festive. I think we all have to be reminded of that whilst Christmas promotes this joyous occasion, we should be okay with it being simple.


2.) Forgiveness – Jesus was born because He wanted a powerful someone down here in a physical form. And all in all, as a savior for our sins. It got all jumbled up but that was the motive, to absolve us from human errors.


3.) Religious-ness – Christmas is here for that very reason, to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus. He was also here to spread the word. This holiday is a great reminder for people of His presence.



4.) Gift-giving – Yes, it is one of the reasons. During that moment when baby Jesus was born, there were three kings who followed an illuminating star to locate The Savior and they came bearing gifts. This truly is the season for gift-giving, no matter how small or big.


That has been how I interpret Christmas throughout the years.

Another great thing about coming to Southeast Botanical Garden is that I get to practice and exercise taking pictures of lights. It’s so pretty. 😀







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Happy Holidays, everyone!


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  1. Such beautiful lights.
    I agree with you on what Christmas is meant to be – a celebration of the birth if Christ. And like you say, simple celebrations are acceptable – which is what we do at home.

  2. I’m in AWE, Rommel! These magnificent shots that incorporate with the four meanings of Christmas made an perfect post for the season. Thank you so much!

  3. Why thank you Rommel! that was so nice of you! and ps…how did you get the shots that weren’t lit up so bright, like the tree one? (the second version) did they lower the light brightness, or did you do something with your camera?? very cool, I love it! and I hope you had a lovely Christmas there! 🙂

    • Why you are welcome! 😀 The lights dim out, and some changes to colors. There are actually buttons for visitors to push which color they want the Christmas Tree to lit. 😀 Then again, this is actually my first stab with taking pictures of tremendous amount of lights so, yeah, I was trying out different camera settings. I don’t even do much night photography. The was surprised how the house with nothing else around came out. It’s actually very bright, so I think it’s either thatI’m from it when I took it or the camera setting that changes the actual look. I only cropped that one.

  4. You’ve said it so well Rommel …. Nice and simply .. I love that tree full of shocked light 🙂 … and the last few with bokeh effect … showerings of gold and silver PRETTY LOVELY !

  5. Not easy taking photos of lights, but you’ve done a grand job. I love that whoosh of a blue bridge- fabulous! 🙂 And the “hanging up crackers?” that follows. Beautiful! I’m not really a religious person but I try (not hard enough) to be good. Young voices singing Christmas carols is Christmas for me. Thank you for sharing the joy.

    • I like the bridge esp. the chariot wheels on it. Really cool. It may shock some of my followers but I am not at all religious. I was actually going to announce that on this post until I started mumbo jumbo-ing. Happy Holidays, Jo.

  6. Always amazing photos! Love to see how Christmas is celebrated in other countries.
    I too wish to contemplate on the REASON for the celebration and personally like to keep it simple and quiet. Much like I imagine the night and place of his birth was.
    Merry Christmas Rommel!

    • That’s the way to be. I’m grateful to know that I’ve celebrated Christmas in 3 different states and 6 different countries. Happy Holidays to you as well.

  7. How beautiful. I wish I could have seen them, but it’s wonderful to see it through your eyes. I’m a big fan of quiet celebration as well. Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year.

  8. botanical gardens and how they do those lights…wow! you captured the evening quite well. so pretty and your narration, perfect for the the season. on last call…magical! ☺

    • Very nice take on Christmas. I actually forgot TOGETHERNESS. It goes back again at that moment where they are all together to witness the birth. I shall edit my post later. Ahihihi. 😀

  9. A great reminder of what Christmas is all about! And great photography to boot. I still have to learn how to do night and light photography. My fave is the heart and the tree reflection, magical.
    Hope you had a meaningful Christmas. Maligayang Pasko!

  10. I hope you had a lovely Christmas, Rommel. Maybe the day to spend any way you wanted to? I do think your interpretation of Christmas is just perfect. I wouldn’t change a thing. And your photos are very nice. I recently took some photos at night with lots of lights, and it was a lot more difficult than I thought. 🙂 Blessings now to you for a very Happy New Year.

  11. I like your interpretation of Christmas. Everybody has own meaning of that Holiday. Some of them are religious some just common human understanding of sense of life. As soon as something is teaching us to be good to each other it is nice thing. Your seasonal pictures are beautiful.

    • Very nice comment, Alexander. I like to believe that my interpretations I included here are actually more rational than religious or spiritual. It’s always to hear different voices in the blogosphere. ;D

  12. I have nothing to say that hasn’t been said above, but just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the photos and your sharing. 🙂 Best wishes for the new year!

  13. What a heartwarming post Rommel! I love your Christmas message and those beautiful images you never fail to share with us. Although you were away from home for Christmas, I hope you had a joyful holiday. 🙂

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