Weekly Photo Challenge 2013


February – FORWARD









September – UNUSUAL POV

October – HORIZON


December – GRAND

This year, I decided to discontinue participating to Weekly Photo Challenge. Check out the similar post pattern last year – WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGES 2013. I still think the challenges are great tools to motivate and instill post ideas and creativity, to keep up with your blogging frequency, and, in many ways, get in the WP community. Especially for beginners, I really advise the writing and photo challenges.

All images are from my posts this year only. That is with the exception of July. I took those from Sunset View Park in Okinawa. All images were taken from either California or Okinawa, Japan.

I want to extend my gratitude to all of you who became part of this blog. Thank you for the appreciation, for following my travels and adventures, for sharing your thoughts, and for those of who shared my posts to other portals like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I love the fact that even though I was away for 4 straight months, and then I came back and still have an abundance of friendship, loyalties and support from all of you who visit my blog. That was such an amazing thing, a relief and a joy.

My Top Ten posts that were posted this year can be seen in the front page and will remain there for the first half of January. #1 is PEOPLE.

Thank you so much. Happy New Year! Arigato Gozaimas. Akemashite Omedetou!


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    • Yes. When bloggers are asking each other where I was, it became a huge contributing factor for me to come back. I’m glad you, one of the many, came back. I really am enjoying blogging with you. 😉

  1. I’ll always love the “people” post. The second coming of the sophomore slump is stronger, Rommel!
    Btw, I’m reading your post in SD 🙂 Happy 2014!

  2. I wanna be “Carefree”! 🙂
    I bounce around the challenges, but find them very restrictive sometimes, but you’re right- they’re a great vehicle to get you “out there”. Very best wishes to you for 2014.

  3. Of course we noticed your absence…our worlds were poorer for it dear Rommel. SO happy you are back. I wish you a wonderful New Year and hope that 2014 will be full of joy and that your road forward is curved and twisted so that it continues to take you [and us alongside] on a journey of sidetracks through the world.

  4. A stunning wrap-up for 2013. I speak for all your followers I am certain when I say we are grateful for your return to blogging. You have enriched my life in many ways Rommel! I wish for you abundant joy, love, and stunning images to take your breath away in 2014. Happy New Year my friend! 🙂

    • Ahihihi… That picture is still your own approach, it looks like. If so, then I’m have to borrow some of your take as well. I Kid. Ahihihi. Cheers, Sony. I hope you get more and more recognition for your well-composed blogposts as you had last year.

  5. A terrific set Rommel. I didn’t participate this week either, and am seriously considering staying away. I might join in intermittently when I have the right images. We never really went away you know, just waited for you to return 🙂 Here’s wishing you an amazing year ahead!

    • Thanks for the fattening words. Thanks for the friendship, Madhu. Know that you are one of my blog idols. 😀 Here’s to continued support and inspiration.

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