Korean Bell of Friendship

When I went to LA …

Los Angeles Street Art

I took a stop at the Korean Friendship Bell in San Pedro.



The bell was presented as a gift by Republic of Korea to United States of America on the occasion of the American Bicentennial Jubilee.


There really isn’t much to it. It’s got cool designs.






The bell is struck on five occasions: New Year’s Eve, Korean American Day (January 13), Fourth of July, Korean Liberation Day (August 15), and every September in celebration of Constitution Week.




It is also rung at random times …




It was hot that day, but given that it is located in a high area, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, I get to cool off from the ocean breeze and get decompressed from LA heat and the hustle and bustle of the city.





A satisfying detour. 😀


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  1. Beautiful! I’ve heard that Korea is a nice place to visit. Two of my grandchildren’s other grandma is Korean and emigrated from there to the U.S.

  2. I’m so glad to see the photos of it now that the scaffolding is removed. My daughter and family live in San Pedro and we spend a lot of time near Pt. Fermin, but when I took my granddaughters to play at the bluffs just about Christmastime, they weren’t quite finished and it wasn’t visible! I quite forgot it was due to be opened. I’m there tomorrow for my regularly scheduled play date! Maybe we’ll make our way over to see the Bell. I spend a lot of my week in San Pedro! 🙂

    • Never heard of San Pedro until I got there to the Bell. First time driving there, I can tell they have a pretty “neat” (so to say) neighborhood there,

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