#268 Featured Images

Welcome to the second installment of Featured Images from my Featured Blogs.

As much as I want to highlight the usual far figuratively successful blogs, I want to refrain from that. I want to go with 1). the ones I encourage my readership to follow and 2). the ones I didn’t cover from my the first part of this.

Six Degrees Photography was once an outstanding, eloquent writer-blogger. She is now wow-ing us with her outstanding photography.

Get photography lessons, get deep into the contexts of a city or a street, and get up close to Allan, The MOFman’s, artistic processes. Top photo blog? I think he’s one of it.

Do you follow a blog whose language you don’t know? I found the best story fit for a book from this non-English blog, A Sanctuary | Explore the beauty of Indonesia … Go to places where people don’t know your language. Do read the story here – Tradisi Menanam Beras Merah di Bali, Perjalanan Kontemplasi Hari Kedua.

Alina is the best blogger-reviewer for me. Books, TV, movies, and intelligible topics, this gal is one hellova eloquent writer.

I absolutely love Alexander Lautal’s photography blog. Follow all four seasons of loneliness and, of course, happiness through his blog.

Follow magiecrystal to Japan, Paris, Alberta and NYC, see some familiar, some obscure sites. This blog never ceases to amaze with her impressive writing and photography.

Darla Welcher is awesome when it comes to putting captions to her awesome pictures.

Going to SoCal? Let Suebee and Kat be your guide.

Follow restless Jo. She is restless as ever going to places to places.

I’m so happy to see this well-travelled blogger, Travel-Stained, continue to flourish. Be it blog-look, travel iterinaries, or blog success. She and her hubby have some of the most awesome travel destinations I’ve ever followed.

Old Woman On A Bicycle – See what this intriguing blog title is all about.

Now, Colline here is a true writer. What else do you expect from a teacher-blogger? Awesome reads all around.

I LOVE, love, love this Japanese blog. Get the best Japanese food places, see festivals and events, read some Japanese horror stories and mythologies, and get deep into the diverse culture of Japan – Milu’s Dream Traveler.

Check out his research topics and science projects. Robert M. Weiss of A Site of Discovery and Wonder aims to entertain, astound, and excite.

Just go ahead and find for yourself why this blogging machine is a successful one – Jo Bryant of Chronicles of Illusions.

If you are not following this best Italy blog, you are so wrong!

See Tvor Travel’s Favourite photos.

Last Calls…

A Gracious Life 

Cardinal Guzman


That is it, Ladies and Gents. I’ve done my due diligence in highlighting these awesome blogs. This was labor. 😀 I hope you follow them. Easy clicks, brothers and sisters, easy clicks. See how well you get along with them. I follow these blogs and I featured them for a reason. Also, a lot of these bloggers are great writers. I hope your blog exploration doesn’t stop with a Follow Button. 😉 More power and have fun blogging.

Forthe first installment – #244 Featured Images





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  1. I am a ‘blogging machine’ ???? Oh Rommel…you never fail to make me smile. Thank you so much for the shout out about Chronicles !!! You are a bit of a blogging machine/wizard yourself !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Gilly just said it so well, Rommel, but then when would I get to be restless??? 🙂 Thank you so much for this. Looks like I need to set some time aside. The statues with the woolly hats! I think I have to go there immediately 🙂

  3. Thank you very much for the mention Rommel. I’ll have a look at those other blogs as soon as I’m back from my travels. I’ve missed out of Modes of Flihts “Hammerhomestreet” blog. I’ve followed his other blog for a long time, but now I’ll make sure to follow Hammerhome as well!

  4. AWESOME photos Rommel. And thank you so much for featuring me among them – I am honoured. I am now off to visit these blogger – and I am sure to follow most of them 🙂
    (By the way, you have not included the link for magiecrystal )

    • Edited! Darn me. I really love that post too. I’m surprised to spotted back that picture. Knowing how forgetful I am, I guess it really is memorable one.

  5. My goodness, Rommel! Thank you for the feature and for the lovely words about my blog! I’m glad you enjoy my posts, as I do yours. Glad also to see Travel-Stained up there – I think it was you who directed me to that awesome blog!

  6. I have already looked into some of these blogs and they look amazing! Thanks so much for generously bringing these to light for us Rommel. 🙂

  7. Oh dear! I don’t know if I can handle any more blogs, but I see some wonderful enticements in your list here. A couple of them are already familiar to me, but most are not. It will be fun to explore them. The photos are just wonderful! I enjoyed reading your favorites here, Rommel. Nice to see. 🙂

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