Circo Caballero

This isn’t really my cup of coffee. But anything that gets me off the couch or the iPad screen and out the corners of my bedroom, I’d do it. Plus, it’s been a  while since I’ve gone inside a circus tent. Their stop here was a two-week stay. And it was nice to know that I get to catch them at their very last performance here in Oxnard.

Circus Caballero

Circus Caballero

I couldn’t understand the language they speak – Spanish. Being that I’m a Filipino, I was catching some of the words they’re saying. And I lived here in a Mexican neighborhood, but still … it’s still gibberish to me. They have a lot of comedic bits. Luckily for me, circus is more visual than vocal.


The clown is more a stooge than anything. He gave us some good laughs, some wholesome and some requires parental guidance.


I loved that their clown had a crying moment and not all smiles. They turned it around when he looked for hugs from audiences.


Some acrobats …

Circus Caballero

… favorable to men. 😀

Circus Caballero

Circus Caballero

Circus Caballero

My most favorite part is the bikers.

Circus Caballero

It was a bit of a nail-biter. I whoa-ed on this one. There were three bikers. One of the bikers is a kid about 8 – 10 years old. You can see the kid on the second picture from the top.

Circus Caballero

What really fascinates me is the practices they made in perfecting this performance.

Other portions …  10274071_10152396156158578_5228998519193365527_n

I can do juggling …


… but not this one.


Some more acrobats …


… favorable to women. 😀




What I really hate is the $30 entrance. Too hefty for me, given that it’s all the usual things. I also wonder if the old circus with animals are better to watch. Definitely more whoa-ier, but definitely more dangerous to go to. I’ve seen some horrifying videos on youtube of animal handlers getting attacked by the animals.

I just thought the price was a bit of a rip off. Then again, I definitely understood…..

That’s a circus life.

Last Call…


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Just in case you are interested in catching them –


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  1. Always love the bikers. But Cirque du Soleil kills it every time. I actually hate the traditional circuses with animals. Lots of cruelty goes on. I’d rather watch fantastical humans anyway 🙂

    • I was thinking that about the boy. I’m sure the kid has a license to do it though. I don’t think have some thing illegal. I guess it’s one of the rare circumstances that a kid gets to have a driving right. That’s kind of cool.

  2. Fun pics, Rommel, but I’ve never really liked clowns. I love to watch acrobats though. They are so amazing and very skilful. I don’t think I could manage so many hula hoops at one go. Five is the most I’ve ever done. 🙂 Have a great Easter weekend.

  3. I used to sell acts like this when I worked for a corporate entertainment/theatre company…it is interesting to hear your perspective. 🙂 Even with the hefty ticket price, the performers are notoriously underpaid, and a lot of money has to go to appropriate “rigging” and “set-up” costs for good safety because it is dangerous work…and there are a lot of acts with a lot of performers to pay. If only they could just do it once, pay everyone once, and replay it a zillion times and make tons of money – oh how us theatre people sometimes wish we could switch to film instead!! 😉 🙂 Thanks for your interesting posts, as always. 🙂

    • Nah- I wouldn’t watch that. I want to see the authenticity of it. I want spontaneity. And most of all, I want that possiblity of them screwing up as some did when I saw this.
      Sorry to say about it being hefty as I really think it but I really can understand about the pricing. I did have that sense on how hard circus life is.

      • Yes, totally, ha! Never a dull moment in live performance. I’ll never forget one of the shows I was doing we had to replace one of the main performers at intermission…with 2,500 people in the audience waiting. 😉

  4. i’m laughing at your favorable to men and favorable to women shots – so perfect. 😛 even if this was not your cup of coffee, your post energizes! too bad for the high entry fee though…oh, well, at least you contributed in feeding the circus crew. 🙂

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