Survivor’s Famous Last Words

As much as I want to divert from travel posts, part of the reasons for blogging is to share your world. Another is for the memories. I don’t know how this is going to fare well with the readers that I have but I’ve contemplated loooong enough and I really want to share this. It was last year, 11-12 months ago, when I was thinking of posting this. Plus, I haven’t had any off-the-track posts in a very long time – no TV, movie, or even music.

Well, I happen to be a huge Survivor fan. I’ve been watching and re-watching all seasons since the beginning. If I were to describe why Survivor is great in one word, it’d be dynamic. There is just so many elements to it that I really enjoy and am very interested to watch it constantly.

I hope you watch even at least one of the videos. And I hope one video convinces you to watch another one. And another one…

Here are my top ten most intense, most emotional final tribal council speeches…

We’ll start with “Perception is not reality.” by Erik from Survivor Season: Samoa.


Ozzy slaps his face. from Survivor Micronesia. The pauses the he makes evenΒ made it more dramatic.


For Eliza’s defense, Twila really is a b!tch. πŸ˜€ There’s one episode that made me threw my food at the TV because of Twila’s nastiness. Eliza’s “You are a deceptive, lying b!tch.” from Survivor: Vanuatu.


Corinne’s not nice, nasty comments. Survivor:Gabon


Jonathan reveals Lisa’s past. from Surivor: Philippines. Basically, a well-spoken writer, Jonathan Penner, had to reveal Lisa Whelchel’s past that she had been hiding all along from everybody on her tribes. It was shocking because it seemed Jonathan Penner had a great relationship with Lisa on the show. Sadly at the end of the game, Jonathan Penner had to bash her.


“Don’t be stupid, Stupid.” by Tom from Survivor: All-Stars. The one jury member to ever walk up to the final contestants seats. Here’s why…


Next one is Kat. Kat is eccentric. She is a little cuckoo on the entire season. As her boyfriend Hayden Moss put it, “She doesn’t always know which way is up.” Kat was crying when she got voted out.But at this final tribal council, she surprised everyone when Kat suddenly talked about forgiveness. from Survivor: One World.


Sue’s famous Rat and Snake speech from Survivor: Borneo. The most famous, most memorable one goes all the way back to Its very first season, first final tribal council. Every Survivor fan knows this one.


Julie cries. Survivor:Vanuatu


This last one is the one that made me do this listing.Β Brenda helped Dawn out of kindness but she received betrayal in return.Β When Brenda got voted out, she was balling.Β “I want you to take out your teeth, Dawn!” from Survivor: Caramoan.


I hope you enjoyed. πŸ˜€

No post without a picture. Here’s some of my imagesΒ in one of Survivor’s locations, Caramoan, Philippines…





Survivor Cagayan finale airs this Wednesday, May 21.


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  1. I have to get my wife to read this. I’m not a Survivor fan but my wife likes to watch it. Maybe I would too if I knew that you were on one their seasons.

    Could there be a possibility?

    • Ahihihi… I’ve been dreaming… How I wish, but with my current job, there is just no way they let me get off work just to be on the show. I hope your wife enjoys this.

  2. Although I’m a Survivor fan, I don’t necessary remember the shows once watched and over. And these days with only one TV and a hubby who can’t stand the show, I’m not able to keep up. Who won this latest season “beauty or brains”? I managed to catch a couple episodes.

  3. At one point I was a Survivor fan many years ago, as a matter of fact, it was 13 years ago. We had to watch because our son’s RA from Law School was a contestant. It was very strange because all of a sudden one day Nick was gone from Law School. Supposedly, a family illness!!! Well, a few months later, Nick shows up on Survivor!!! How cool!! He made it more than halfway. A little trivia for you.

    • That’s so cool. A lot of Survivor contestants has a Survivor-viewing gathering on their hometown. I remember Nick. He’s from Survivor Australia. He won one immunity with the rope pulling. He was so weak at the last stretch that they actually try to keep him longer than expected.

  4. Heh heh you’re a Survivor Addict!! I must admit to being addicted to the first few seasons but after that I completely lost track of the show. It became a bit too “contrived” and dramatic for me. I really do love Amazing Race though…now that’s a show for travel addicts!! πŸ˜€

    • I guess Survivor fan is putting it lightly, eh. πŸ˜€ Yeah, a lot has changed with Survivor. I’ve had some hiatus-es because of work and getting bored with the show as well. I picked back up because I can download the episode through iTunes now. And a lot of the earlier seasons are now available on DVD.
      I love Amazing Race!!! But I stopped watching about, I think, two years ago. The last I watched was the one with internet sensation, Kevjumba and his father. πŸ˜€ Actually, the winner of that season reminds me of you and your husband. πŸ˜€

        • I’m with Tony ever since. To really think about it, he’s not a bad person and his paranoia is for good reasons. He has been rational. LJ and Jefra could easily do something to kick him out. The girls could’ve all get together and upset his game. I love how he really reads people. Highly strategic. I’m afraid the jury are so bitter not to vote for him if he did get there. I’m afraid it’s going to be a final two scenario. That’d be awful for both Tony and Spencer.

  5. I think I watched the very first season, and then no more. I enjoyed it, the husband not so much. Now I should go back on cable’s On Demand and watch back episodes. Your photos are great!

  6. I love this game so much! I just watched EVERY SINGLE ONE of these videos. I laughed, cried, and clapped through them all (again!). I have not missed an episode of Survivor and I can’t wait for the season finale on Wednesday (and I will be sad that it is over for another season). You are right, Rommel. It is dynamic. It is such a precarious position. To befriend, but to blindside. To lead, but not be a target. To have strength, but not be too strong. To be vulnerable, but not too weak. All these things you must do to get to the top (but hope) it isn’t enough to be hated since those at the bottom vote for the winner. Craziness. And that is what I love. Great, great post!! And the photos – OH MY GAWD. So pretty! So very ,very pretty!!

    • You definitely hit a nail. Some balance, the right timing, even luck, so many dynamics, so many aspects all jumbled into one crazy game! πŸ˜€ Before when a Survivor season ends, I’d go to iTunes and upload previous seasons. But now, I already watched all that are available seasons from iTunes. I definitely miss Survivor this time around. So sad to see Trish go. She, herself, asked me to be her Facebook friend! πŸ˜€

      And how I wish to see the finale live, but they didn’t sell any tix.

  7. I have watched every season from day one. In fact, this has been the first season that I didn’t go to my brother’s house and we watch it as a family. We made a big night of it each week, sharing food, and laughing at the silly things people say. I’m really going to struggle to get home tomorrow night in time to watch it LIVE, but the DVR is all set, just in case I walk in late. There are many memorable speeches and things that have really shocked me, contestants I’ve loved and some that were just miserable human beings. I hope we’l be pleased with tomorrow’s finale! I’m so glad you shared your interest, too, and you’re a bigger fan than I am if you’ve watched some of the shows in repeat. I think it would be fun to see season ! again. πŸ™‚

    • Now I’m very glad I composed this. Let’s me know individual readers more. It really blows that they didn’t sell tickets for the finale. Castaways are staying at Universal Hotel right now. Bwahahaha, now my super fan status really showed. πŸ˜€ Can’t wait for the finale. I’m rooting for Tony.

    • WHAT!!?? The “only” reason!? I beg to differ. There’s ample amount of reasons why Tony won the title and deserved it, esp. over Woo. The only one person than might had been swayed by Spencer’s speech is Sarah, and/or maybe Jefra.
      To each their own.

    • He’s definitely my big bet in the beginning starting with watching all the previews. I had a couple of bets especially as the show progressed. I really loved Trish, but I wanted Tony to win from the very beginning and as it progressed. He really deserved it. Thanks for your input, trailblazer1.

      • Funny how so many people dislike the ones who play the best game, even if they lie, steal and cheat. After-all, it is Out wit, Out Play, Out last. This is a hard game for people who have moral objections to winning this way. I couldn’t do it, but it makes for interesting theater to watch others.

        Thanks for your comments. If I was a skilled photographer, I would prefer the originals also. But with one very bad eye and being a little dyslectic, not going to happen. So I play with about three different programs to make something out of not much. Cheers.

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