Memorial Monday: Peace is treasure

First, I’ll share you some military photos. Then at the end of it, I want to show this poem from a 7-year-old first grader, Arisa Uechi of Shiraho Elementary School. I hope you read it.

Do you appreciate military presence? How? Are you opposed to it? When there are troops out there in the field, sacrifice has been made. And not just human toll. There’s longing. There’s that fear. There’s hope. Future. When the mission gets done, there’s a price that’s been paid. There were risks involved. Freedom is served. It’s a fine line, isn’t it?








Have you read the news?

What makes them join the military?

When there’s an aggression coming towards you, what happens when there’s no one there to defend you?

To the men and women of military, and to the rests of our everyday heroes, THANK YOU for your service.



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  1. peace is a precious treasure as this young poet expresses so well. on this fine Memorial Day, your words and photographs serves as a great reminder to be ever so grateful to all you have served (and their families) to preserve the freedom for peace. blessings to you, Rommel. 🙂

    • Well, it did mention about how they “fought for us”, but what I adore about it is how it focuses on freedom and peace within her world. Pretty neat from a seven year old.

  2. Rommel, I know that you didn’t shoot all of these pictures but in knowing how good of a shooter you are, and how appropriately sensitive you are to what goes on in the world around you I can’t help but wonder what it would be like if you did actual war correspondence. I can only imagine the profound and important stories and sentiments you could convey through your photography and writing.

    When seeking to live in peace, warfare is a dichotomy; good and evil; necessity and needlessness; avoidable and unavoidable.

    for all the live, both military and civilian around the globe, never forget.

  3. as you know, i must avoid to answer. but, in my opinion, military is necessary for peace. every country is afraid of imperial japanese army. however, age and position are quite different. we have alliance wit other countries now. we were lonely at that time.

  4. Rommel, very nice post. Loved the poem…so much simple truth in those words. I’m thankful for our service men and women who put there lives on the line to protect our freedom.

  5. First of all can I say that I LOVE your new look!!! 🙂
    Your photos are very moving and the poem- well, the innocence of children! If we could all just hold on to that and the wish for peace, there wouldn’t be any need for armies.

  6. This was a fabulous tribute to those who sacrifice so much to protect our freedoms. Thank you for including this poem. It is hard to believe that it poured out of a 7 year old.

  7. Beautiful and absolutely moving Memorial Day Post. Peace will follow you as you see this world beautifully! And that First grader… is smarter then many in this world! Thank You for sharing!

  8. Incredible post Rommel. One of those posts I sat back, soaked it in once…and then went right back to re-read it/re-view it again. The photos were stunning, while the 2nd really pleased me the last 4 photos were the ones with the emotional punch…and a perfect segue into that wonderful poem. Children, in their simple & beautiful world, often are the ones we should listen to. Great post.

  9. A very, very beautiful post Rommel. The shot of the man kneeling before his comrades arms and boots was particularly moving, as was that poem. I wish we did not need armies. But until adults can comprehend what is clearly evident to 7 year olds, we will continue to depend on their sacrifices.

  10. A lovely post Rommel, but so sad too. Why is man still warring? It’s not as though we’re all still cave-men, we’re intelligent beings. There seems to be something deep down in the oldest and darkest depths of the human psyche that will never change. I once stood in one of the graveyards in northern France and stared at the rows and rows and rows of white crosses. Graves belonging to boys. It was impossible to comprehend, and choked me up so much I couldn’t speak.

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