It was going to happen eventually. It was only a matter of time.

I see it in other social media platforms. I can’t deny how good the pictures look when others upload it. Instagram truly helps people improve the photo that they’ve taken with their phones.

I always had in mind to create a post with extensive photo progressing. So I already knew that this is coming.

What I didn’t anticipate is how incredibly addictive it is.

I was instantly hooked!!

It’s fun choosing filters. The filters Instagram has is just incomparable to others. From before, I just used the basic photo editors that are automatically installed in computers.

Not to mention, it is very effective. I was able to release images that I wouldn’t normally upload because of some errors.

The thing with Instagram is that it makes your images too much processed that you are losing a lot of authenticity. I had plenty of images that quite didn’t come out right using Instagram.

I think I’ll do just fine doing the same thing I’ve been doing. As much as I enjoyed and been impressed by Instagram, I don’t think I’ll use it majorly on my blog. I do, however, encourage other people to give it a go. 😉 Perhaps it may help you release those images you haven’t uploaded and been trying to patch. Maybe, Instagram might just be the photography hook that you’ve been needing… or wanting.

My Instagram handle is rommeldb.


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  1. Rommel you manage to do it every time – produce a gallery of pictures that are so varied and artistic. You just have a natural instinct with your photography. I don’t know about Instagram, but regardless of what it’s done for these shots (which look great) you still had to have the basic pictures to begin with. If you ever do decide to get a good photo editor and have even more fun then download GIMP for free. It’s equally as good as Photoshop and does absolutely amazing things. Takes a while to learn because it’s absolutely loaded with options, but there’s a great help site online and oodles of tutorials. 🙂

  2. I think instagram and things like it let people improve photos that aren’t very good. That’s okay, but why not learn to take better photos instead. THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO YOU – YOU’RE GOOD! I sometimes use pixlr express and snapseed on my pics for fun. For more serious stuff I use Photoshop – in a basic way.

    • That’s a great, very point. Very nice comment. People need to be reminded that they shouldn’t settle and depend so much on photo editors.

    • No. You get to choose your own awesome effects to your liking or what you think the best work for the picture. It doesn’t hurt to try Instagram, Milu. 😉

  3. It’s pictures man that got me here. Glad you find instagram cool. I’m with you on that.

    Anyway, you never fail to leave me breathless with your pictures, Rom. Makes me want to really improve…

  4. I usually don’t like it when there is photo overlap on a blogger’s blog & Instagram account, though I do enjoy occasional “day-in-the-life” type of posts highlighting the “best of” from someone’s feed. At any rate, your Instagram feed looks lovely 🙂

  5. I think it’s a hit and miss with Instagram and you are right about it being addictive! Also, I noticed that photos processed with Instagram tend to get really grainy once you start piling on those filters. There’s another app called Pick, which is Japan’s version of Instagram where you can definitely do a lot more in comparison with Instagram and the photos are of great quality even after applying filters. Another Japanese app I love is Line Camera, again because the quality of the photos are great even after applying filters :).

    • Yes, a lot of mine are grainy. I didn’t even noticed how screwed up my pics are because I was using my cellphone. When I look at the computer, it’s all completely different. I see I get a lot of recommendations. Nice to know I got options. 🙂

  6. Instagram is the place for any kind of photo and photographers. Depends on your interest you can find there your community with the same understanding, equipment, and technique of photography. For sure, mostly it is the young fellas environment. But I’ve met a lot of serious professional photographers as well. So it is another social media society.

  7. I enjoy your photos very much and even if you did some photo editing I can trust that you will come out with authentic-looking photos all the time! Sometimes certain Instagram photos serve a good purpose, but often what would have been good compositions are overprocessed and fake looking. I try to select my photos carefully, but then I will still do my interpretation of a scene artistically when working on canvas. ~Liz

  8. rommel – I set up instagram, but could not get into it = so I enjoyed the pots about your using the filters with their app….
    and I agree that some of the pics lose authenticity – or seem over processed to where they fall into an art category more than a classic photo category (IMO)
    and in this post – the basketball net and vintage coke were my favs – but then – the variety was jam packed with interest – from the clown on the ground to a clown in an iron fence – lol

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