Explosions in the Sky

Me and control, we have a love-hate relationship. You see, I’m a kind of person who let things be. I just let the nature and forces do whatever it is they want to do. I’m not one who plan things. I’m not one who grabs a hold of something. It has a lot of disadvantages being that way. But whatever the outcome is, whatever I’m given, I’ll take it! Happy-go-lucky. If it’s a good thing then I’m grateful. If it’s something bad then it’s a challenge, a lesson learned.


If the forces out there are taking too much time to provide me the thing that my heart desires, so be it! I’ll wait. I know patience can be so cruel. But when that time comes, victory and success will be delicious. It will be magnificent. It will be oh-so sweet.






















Many a New Year, 4th of July, and other hooplas have come and gone, and I never got the perfect opportunity to capture fireworks. It’s not really something I forward to, or chase. But I always wanted, or imagine, how I fare well with taking pictures of it. There was one time where I was in Santa Barbara and I picked a supposedly great vantage point to watch fireworks as it oversees the city. I waited and waited for the fireworks, but it ended up being an epic fail because the clouds were too thick that it was covering the fireworks. So many things I want to practice taking pictures of. Firework display is just something that is on occasions. So if I miss it or fail to be in a good spot then I have to wait a long time for the next one.

Ventura County Fair happened to be displaying fireworks every day, every 10 pm during its two-week operation. For three consecutive years I’ve been to the fair, this is the only time I found out they do firework shows at night. I went with a friend to the fair. We left the Fairground. She drove back home while I drove to a spot which I think is a great vantage point and waited there for the fireworks show. I was so content that after waiting I finally get to have decent shots of fireworks. I also went back to the same spot the night after. What I wanted was to capture is the fair and the fireworks together in the shots. As you can tell from the pictures, my sophomore attempt was mission unaccomplished. I didn’t capture anything worth presenting. Oh well, c’est la vie. 🙂

Also, it is always nice to look up in the sky but never forget to look down to earth. 😉


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  1. Great post, Rommel:)

    I can identify with the fireworks photos. I have a new camera and couldn’t find the fireworks setting for the 4th. Finally found a week later…a week too late:(

  2. I’ve shot a lot of fireworks displays. It’s still a lot of fun to do. It really does heighten the experience of just watching the display. I even one $500 in a photography competion with one of my fireworks shots.

    Enjoy it. It’s a blast (pardon the pun)!

  3. what? I was thinking that your pictures were really good, I’ve never managed to take pictures of fireworks where you see anything but blurry lines!

    • Hmmm … so try to remember it every day. 😉 I seriously thought of it only after I published the post. I had to edit it just to input that there. 😀

  4. I missed the 4th and our festival fireworks this year, having to work, so it was nice to enjoy yours. some of your shots are really nice, but they just never look as good on film as they do in the sky!! its not you…its them!! haha

    • I blame them too. 😀 Those smokes are big hindrance it making a solid shot. Of course, those other professional-istic fireworks images are shot with better camera and better photo-processing. I’ve been waiting for opportuned moment to get firework shots, and I’m very content with what I got here. 😉

  5. I know the effort it takes to get the photos that are the most pleasing and I’m so glad you captured some really nice photos. It’s wonderful you have such an amiable and easy-going attitude, Rommel. That will get you very far in life!

  6. I too love your philosophical train of thought Rommel. I have never been at the right place at the right time for fireworks, nor have I mastered the art of photographing them, so I will have to be satisfied with admiring your lovely shots 🙂

  7. “If the forces out there are taking too much time to provide me the thing that my heart desires, so be it! I’ll wait. I know patience can be so cruel. But when that time comes, victory and success will be delicious. It will be magnificent. It will be oh-so sweet.” …..that’s exactly what I needed to read! I’m usually a patient person but these days my patience is being tested in so many ways…mostly in the career department. Thanks for this post and by the way, the photos look great! 🙂

  8. LOL you got your fireworks alright Rommel …. these are like a live firework display flip book style scrolled through doubly quick 😉

    He that can have patience can have what he will. Benjamin Franklin .

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