Shri Swaminarayan: A Hindu Temple in Riverside, California

I saw this magnificent looking Hindu temple while driving on Highway 71, California. I had to get to destination, but, good word, my gut fortunately told me to turn around and see it up close.



The Sophomore Slump Recommends

Music: FutureSex/Lovesounds by Justin Timberlake – I don’t like his rabbit voice, but it cannot be denied that this album makes you wanna bust a move. He’s got the beat and style, plus a stretch of cool music videos.

Here is My Love … If you must you can skip the remix part and get to the cool parts at 1:36. the end part is really cool with the camera going around Justin 360 degrees.

Movie: Momento – This is director Christopher Nolan’s introductory movie. And like all the other in his filmographies, this is a well-thought through, intellectual movie.


It is a pleasant surprise to see such beauty in California. I felt transported to Asia.


I wonder why this is never advertised well in travel mediums. Lucky for me, I found this hidden gem. Circumstance that I can really say that I explored.


The details are amazing.



I later found out that the exterior and interior are all hand-crafted. WHOA-some!


I got there just as the sun was rising. It made for a beautiful shine on the temple giving it a different color.




Although, I got there too early that I couldn’t get inside property. I actually beg the guard at the front to let me in, but he wouldn’t cave. If I was a woman, it probably was a different story. 😀


Too bad I really can’t wait up to 9 o’clock as I really need to get to Anza Borrego. They said the inside looks even more awe-striking.


Ow well, I am just so happy to luckily stumble upon it specially knowing I’m about to leave California.

Last Calls …. sorry for the photo overload of just one side of one subject …





Pardon, I will be back in the blogging groove. Days prior to leaving the country, there’s just a lot of things to do.


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  1. That is such a stunning temple to find ~ and in a sense it just popped out of nowhere…hard to believe it is not advertised, but I guess that is a very good thing. Great lighting with your shots as well. Incredible find Rommel ~ wish you well.

  2. I am glad you decided to turn around and take the time to grab some photos to share Rommel. This place is fascinating/exquisite/superb—pick a word. Thanks for sharing. Beautiful!

  3. Hindu temples are amongst the most intricate and beautiful structures in the world. I always find it interesting to see ones that are just 1 colour, instead of a multitude of bright colours as usual. We saw an all white Jain temple in Rajasthan and I almost found it more beautiful because of it’s starkness.

    • On the internet, I see images of this as pure white. But I swear to whoever, when I was there, this was not white as all. I’m actually very confused right now. 🙂 My pictures are different from the ones on the internet.

      • Lol… I just looked again, and maybe 1 of the pics looks pretty white, but def not pure white. The close-up one. The rest vary between a light rosy shade or light beige. Not sure what to say Rommel. Maybe my eyes are broken. 😉

  4. Rommel, where on 79 is this? I’ve traveled that old road from I-8 to Julian and from its northern terminus to Temecula. Never saw or heard of it. What am amazing find! I’m surprised that with the Santa Ana winds often fueling fires through this part of the state that it was constructed there… and that it has survived. Incredible photos, buddy. I’m sorry you were unable to gain access to its interior. It must be fabulous!

    • It was constructed in 2000. I don’t know you miss this. It sticks out really well. The only thing, maybe, when you’re driving from North, there is a wall on the side of the road few yards before the temple. But that’s it, the temple is a stand out.

  5. Rommel that temple is amazing! I thoroughly dislike churches (being of the non-religious mind) but I’m fascinated by the beliefs from the east. I’d be a Buddhist if anything. It seems so strange seeing a temple like this in the US, or anywhere in the west. It should be in India! I know what it’s like being out of the blogging groove, I’ve drifted, but now have a new camera and will hopefully be bagging a few shots once I’ve got through the instruction book! 🙂

  6. Rommel, this is probably not too far from where we are so I will definitely be checking it out. When are you leaving? I’m sorry we have not been able to connect.

  7. You are so right. it seems like being transported to somewhere else, Hard to believe you’d find something like this in California ! The details are an eye full, it’s like layers upon layers of them. With every single glance you get to uncover something new!

    And have to agree with you on Justin Timberlake. I don’t particularly like hi voice but his over all appeal is hard to miss and hate. He is a talented guy nevertheless 🙂

    Hope you are having great holidays Rommel. Much Love,
    Zee ❤

  8. That looks like it has been transported from Rajasthan!! If any of the Jain style temples here are to go by, the interiors will be gobsmackingly beautiful and extravagant.

    Had no idea you were moving to Greece. Wishing you all the very best in life Rommel. Merry Christmas! 🙂

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