Iraklion, Crete

Another quick post…

What is Crete’s capital? The answer is letter C. Joke, joke, joke. 🙂

Irakleio is Creta’s capital. The largest city in Crete, and fifth in entire Greece. What you get is a bustling, urban city. Not very hard to notice. It is also hard to deny that this economic center has its both modern and historical importance, and has its full of wondrous discoveries within.

I first introduced you to Minoan Palace of Knossos. If you are to look up “first civilization in Europe” or “history of Europe”, you’d find that this, in Irakleio, is the site of Europe’s first civilization.


Another place of interest is Archaeological Museum.

Me and a friend went to CretAquarium, a stop in Golden Bay, Venetian Fortress, and McDonalds (what!? Don’t judge. They have Greek Mac 😀 ). Crete was once in a Venetian Period, but more on that later. 🙂


Last Calls…





And since this is a quick post, I want to share you these very very cool music videos all created by OK GO.

One note: All music videos are impressively one-shot videos.

First is this massive, extreme domino effect “machine”… really really cool …

Second is a highly complex choreographed video. The matrix part close to the end is whoa-insane!

The matrix part is participated by 2300 people. During filming, this video was done in intentional slow-motion playing the song in half-time.

Next is playing “musical instruments” while driving a car … again under one take.

If you did watch it, the song was recorded during filming of the video.

This last one is creative, creative, creative. This truly is “some pleasure in the eyes”…

I really hope you got to see these whoa-some, fun, cool music videos.

Also … Madhu of The Urge to Wander is an excellent, one of the top bloggers in my book. I hope you vote for her entry for “Journeys of a Lifetime Story”. I assure your vote will be casted for the right person, or that you won’t be disappointed following her blog.

Next, a 2.0 of Death Valley, Downtown Chania, or a something-else post.


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  1. OK Go – yes! The 2003-freshman-in-high-school me used to obsess over Damian (and the rest of the lads). Twelve years has gone by and they are still top notch.

    Cool post by the way!

    • Nice to hear from an OK Go fan. Their songs and videos are whoa-some. I’ve only known them beginning from the “This Too Shall Pass” 2010 video.

  2. Looks like time for a visit !
    Nice to see you have some chilldown time Rommel after all the photo gathering and research you do for us 😀

  3. So my persuasion did work, we get to see you from the back, I’m sure in the next post we get to see the front too ! lol
    Great post Rommel as always, I wish there was a way to magically reach places by just looking at the photographs, Looks so peaceful and calm, would have loved to just gaze in the distance…Beautiful ! 🙂 🙂

  4. Beautiful beach! Great shots, Rommel! The first video is messy, “I won’t let you donw” is awesome. Needing/Getting is crazy 😀 I really like The Writing on the wall, great song, love it!
    Thank you so much Rommel!

    • Thanks for paying attention on the videos. Insanely creative is right! They really are putting on their thinking caps to put a great show for us. 🙂 Thanks for the comment and visit, Adrian.

  5. OMG Rommel, “I Won’t Let You Down” is crazy crazy fun! Wild! I cannot imagine creating this dance and choreographing it. Truly phenomenal–thanks so much!

  6. now how could you not give us a shot of the greek mac??? would love to see a photo or two sometimes amigo.

    the opening photo – with the rocks looking out into the water – and then the one of you looking out with that line of water splashing – artsy.
    also, the colorful fish in that aquarium are nice.
    lastly, two very favs are the sneaker shot- and the bench shot – you are such great artist with your photos.

    • also loved the videos – I have already seen the “won’t let you down” – but not the others….
      and the “this too shall pass” – had such brilliant chain reaction – they are just big kids! and so talented –
      lastly, the way that these guys use the primary colors plus green – well if I was teaching art I would use their vids as part of reminding kids that green is a secondary color (made by blue and yellow) but with elementary art – so many kids always put green with red blue and yellow – partly because it is usually packaged this way with toys, crayons, and even some school bleachers come in these four colors – and so it is always something a few kids have to grasp – that green is not a primary color….
      anyhow, thanks for thew splash of joy – and color – into my day rommel….
      take care ❤

  7. Awesome photos ~ and thank you again for giving me a lesson of Crete culture and history.
    And once again these great videos you include are really a treat for the creative mind!

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