Fortezza of Rethymno

I think its about time for me to tap into the history of Crete. I found just the right place. Fortezza of Rethymno is quite the destination to talk about it. 😉


The Sophomore Slump Recommends:

Music: Trouble by Ray Lamontagne – A singer-songwriter album to its truest form. This troubadour is one for the books in my book. 🙂

Prepare to be amazed … here is … Shelter.

Movie: The Slumdog Millionaire – You gotta admit, this made-epic movie is still incredibly entertaining.


Today a tour in Fortezza of Rethymno offers overlooking panoramic views of the entire city center and the west coast of Rethymno.





The views are just … muwah. 😀



During the 4-century Venetian period in Crete called Kingdom of Candia, there were these walls of Rethymno protecting the harbor and surrounding houses in the area. But that didn’t go so well when one Turkish attack took place because of the weak integrity of the walls.


So then they built this Fortezza in Rethymno with improved construction in order to protect and shelter the citizens after Turkish threat.




During the Cretan War, Venetians were pushed out of Crete by the Ottoman Empire. Rethymnon fell to the Ottoman Turks in 1646. The biggest change they made in Fortezza was turning a temple into a mosque.




Greece achieved their independence in 1821. They removed all traces of Turkish period and repaired the damages of the original establishments. The layout of the fortress remained all along.



Last Calls …




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  1. Enjoy reading the culture and history of Crete via your beautiful posts, Rommel! Remarkable photos of this beautiful island, Love the shots of the blue sea and mountains especially. 🙂

  2. A great post to begin the week ~ it is like having a quick vacation looking through these photos and getting a look at a culture different from where I am now, just as I was beginning to get bummed out about another work week ahead. And then you also supplied the music from one of my favorites Ray Lamontagne, saw him years ago in Portland, OR and he was great. Cheers!

  3. really enjoyed this photo series – the blue and the orange contrast highlights this regions beauty and scrolling to the Shelter song was an experience – ❤

  4. Beautiful views! Fortezza is looking as a pretty solid construction and time did not change it a lot. Ancient people could build for centuries and left for us a lot of remarkable monuments of architecture.

  5. Oh,dear Rommel,what a fascinating post it is my friend!Superb presentation and outstanding photos of Rethymno!I am so glad you enjoy your stay in Crete 🙂 xxx

    • Ah, I’m extra glad that I shared something that actually put interest to others. I’m grateful to be walking on vital parts of European civilization and history. 🙂

  6. It’s all war, wherever you go, Rommel! Seems nothing much changes 😦 But I love the music (and I remember I did like Rethymnon when I stayed there, long ago 🙂 ) Great photos!

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