What’s white and blue and churches all over?

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a full traditional travelogue. I think it works here.

I finally got out of the island of Crete and off to another Greek island. From Chania, we drove for 2 hours or so to Irakleio and then hopped into a 2-hour-or-so ferry ride to Santorini. As soon as we landed on the port we looked for a transport to our hotel.


We checked in to a very accommodating Volcano View Hotel. Maybe because I was with my girl that they upgraded us to Junior Suite… Sweet! I don’t usually talk about hotels on my travels, but this one is worth recommending. Friendly and helpful staff, clean, free breakfast, and has a great view of the volcano and the water.



We ate a delicious meal before heading out to our tour – rice-looking pasta with shrimp.


We picked Sunset in Oia & Traditional Villages Tour. Just something that’s available, and fits our schedule. The Volcano and other Boat Tours are not yet available until the end of May.

The Traditional Villages part took us to …

Mesa Gonia, The Ghost Town village largely devastated by the 1956 earthquake in Santorini.




– Our tour guide brought up a very neat point – if not for the earthquake, Santorini wouldn’t be as popular as is it today. –

Pyrgos, which got us climb 80 steps for an awesome city overview.


Souvenir items, typical blue and white Santorini sceneries, churches, etc. are on-scene along the way to the top.




-There are 365 churches in Santorini.-

Magnificent overlooking views once we reached the top.





Imeroglivi, a seaside spot that boasts the most luxurious hotels in Santorini. Pfft!


-97% of jobs in Santorini is … drumroll please … tourism.-


And last, but not the least, is the ever-famous Sunset in Oia part of the tour.


Oia is pronounced as ee-yah.



– Santorini is extremely white and extremely blue, just as the Greek flag. –






There’s a lot of people waiting for the sun to set. I kept joking as we waited that the sun Tweeted that it’s not coming down that day. 😀



…And the joke was on me. The sun was hiding behind the cloud. 😦 A major travel woe!

If you ever come to Santorini, I still highly suggest this tour as it covers a lot of places. It’s 28 Euro per person. It’s relatively cheaper than the other tours or the ones online.

I heard from someone before that he/she didn’t like Santorini because it’s too touristy or too popular that excitement was never there. I came to Santorini with that kind of low expectation. As it turned out, I really enjoyed it.

We came back disappointed with the sunset, but it’s not just the sunset that people should go to Santorini for.

That’s Day One. So much I’ve shared already. 2.0 next month. I’ll leave you with Last Calls, and a tease of my photo shoot that I will share in Part 2. 😀

Last Calls …




A preview of this stud 😀 for Part 2.

19608_712760088846521_8697594866094875383_n 11143076_712762492179614_4734576869314798524_n

 Next post: We’re going to the East side of Crete and see some windmills, or a cave where Zeus was born. Or, a California post.


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  1. Wow, thank you for the grand tour, Rommel! The blue sky, sea, door… Are just so beautiful, and the guy with the blue/white looks cool. 🙂 Looking forward to the next one. 🙂

  2. Great photos of this beautiful place, Rommel. I remember riding up the hill on a donkey, about 18 years ago. 🙂 I also remember sitting there watching the most amazing sunset. I’d really love to go back there one day.

    • Yeah, our tour guide was talking about donkeys. Lots of souvenir items are donkeys, some donkey statues, and actual donkeys too. You’ve been everywhere!!!

  3. What an incredible view ~ the history and beauty of Santorini is so well told with your photos Rommel. I can understand the draw (and with 97% of its economy based on tourism, they must be doing something right). Great write up and introduction, one day…one day…one day I will go there I keep telling myself. Cheers to a great week!

    • Crazy to think of being born and living in one island. But to think about it, I think a simple life here with a somewhat guarantee of having a job in tourism isn’t a bad idea at all. I could totally live here.

    • I don’t know whether it’s famous or not before the earthquake. I think it just implies that the earthquake gave Santorini an extra edge or interest for tourism.

  4. It looks so pristine ! Those whitewashed villas and houses clinging to the hillsides … A fascinating place geologically … that looks like one HUGE chasm cutting through the landscape in your high view Rommel . seems one must arrive early for the best sunset spot .. if it happens 😉 Let’s hope you get another chance .
    So you’re out of country … looks like I’ll have to tour Chania without you as my guide 😀

    • Wait, are you really coming to Crete this year?! There were people holding their spot for like 2 hours. I think we waited on our seat for about an hour.

  5. Nothing like the original! So many copycats here that I sometimes forget how inimitable Santorini is. Beautiful photos, interesting perspective. I wish I had that eye.

    • Actually, I thought of that. I couldn’t think of any other place that has a two-color theme. These eyes of mine, need glasses … you don’t want it. 😀 … And may I suggest wish for blue eyes instead. Ahihihi 😀

  6. Every time you introduced us a place, the place would end up in my to-go list. What a beautiful place! And the food… I would love to taste that shrimp 😉 Mmm…

  7. Spectacular view from the hotel!! Thanks for a beautiful tour. I love how clean a place looks with all the pristine white. And the bright blue accents just sets off the sky. Sorry your sunset was spectacular but it was still pretty:)

  8. Well, Rommel….I was just there and know what you’re talking about! Simply amazing (even despite the tourists). And, definitely go back to Crete and investigate Zeus. Glad our travelling paths have crossed, if even just in the blogosphere!

    • I was just in Lassithi and went to where Zeus was born. Quite very cool cave. Have fun if you do get here in Crete. I’m sure Crete won’t disappoint. Thanks for the comment and visit.

  9. Oh man what a place!! It’s safe to say I’m burning with jealousy lol
    It’s exactly how it looks like in other pictures I’ve seen of this place, So heavenly ! ^.^

    And who’s that handsome stud?! Thank him for the appearance 😀

    Have a spectacular weekend Rommel 😉

  10. it all seems so magical, like a fairy tale place one only think exists in the mind of the writer. well photographed and reviewed by that studly fellow. cheers! 🙂

  11. What’s not to love, Rommel? I only ever spent a day there but those memories shine. Thanks for taking me back there 🙂 I’m sure the cruise ships are a pain but can beauty like this ever be truly spoilt?

  12. Aah I guessed the answer before I clicked on the link! 🙂 Your photos do justice to this astonishingly beautiful island Rommel. We rate our our memorable few days there among our best experiences ever.

  13. Sweet! I’m so glad you are having a good time in Greece. I have seen so many blue and white dominant photos of Greece that now I long to see Santorini. Thanks for sharing!

  14. You’re killing me here! I haven’t been to Santorini (or Crete) since 2005. Clearly I need to get back; your photos of Santorini brought back an incredibly relaxed feeling! Glad you enjoyed it.

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