There’s no “I” in team, but there’s two in Santorini.

Exactly a month ago, we finished our 2-day tour of Santorini. Our first day was Traditional Village Tour which includes…






Imerovigli and sunset view in Oia.

More details and images are here – What’s white and blue and churches all over?

Our second day led us to Akrotiri and Red Beach. I suggest you not to take a tour that includes only to these two locations that are near to each other. It’s about 15 Euro per head. Rather, perhaps, negotiate a price with a taxi lower than that. If your group is, say, 4 to 5 people, it’s best advised that you take a taxi, rent a car, or commute by bus. There’s also plenty of four-wheeler rentals in the island in case you want to go around and about the island in style. 🙂

We first entered Akrotiri of Thera. One of the most important prehistoric settlements of the Aegean, walking inside this covered archaeological site felt like stepping back from the interesting history of Greece. Admission is 5 Euro. If you like archaeological sites then you’ll “dig” this. 🙂 To be frank, it isn’t from me. There are only few pots there. I think I’m better off just looking at pictures on the internet or prints… just saying.



Next, we walked a few and headed to the Red Beach. But before it, we had a little bit of fun on the rocks… as usual. 🙂



Also, a church on the way …


The water in Red Beach is so gorgeous!



We only chose to do these two quick stops because of our time restrictions. But, we had a bit of spare time for some quick grub and a little stroll after we checked out of the hotel and before boarding back on the ferry.




Last Calls…



…. so now I understand why Santorini is so popular. 😉

More … during our stay in Santorini, I went on a photoshoot spree like never before 🙂 …

… go to second page if you’d like to see my pictures…

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  1. So picturesque Rommel ! Those higgledy piggledy whitewashed villages I love and that clear azure colour of the sea is I know so sparkling and true 🙂
    Glad you’ve had some R&R … mind you … bad timing being out of country when Poppytump was visiting Crete 😉
    ps I’m with you on the pots Lol

  2. Thank you for sharing your photos with us. We enjoyed this virtual tour with you. 😉

    Santorini remains to be one of my dream destinations. Someday, if God permits, I’d like to visit there. 🙂

  3. I think archeologist have great imaginations. Take a pile of rocks, a line of column stubs, a hole in the ground, and imagine a whole building or city or civilization. Of course, having been interested in archeology since grade school (got jazzed seeing the King Tut exhibit in the British Museum before it came to SF), I’ve seen various theories come and go about as often as the next edition of American Archeaology arrives in my mail box. What I find most interesting about poking around at some ruin is finding some evidence that supports an idea of how people lived and constructed societies. For instance, many stone blocks in Roman buildings have grooves that line up, with holes at each end of the grove. The building technique deduced from this is that they use iron ties to hold the blocks in place. Most of the iron was taken to melt down for other purposes (hence all those temples became piles of rocks) While poking around at the remains of the temple at Cume (near Napals), I found one block set of blocks that still had one of these iron ties. Wow. Now if that floats your boat….

    • I’ve been to a good number of archeological sites and ruins. The thing with Akrotiri of Santorini is, for right now, it’s still under work in progress. It is still interesting in the aspect of archeological findings and discovery, but as an average wanderer, there really isn’t much to see compared to others. There is this Minoan Palace of Knossos here in Crete. It’s a bunch of rocks, but I still actually love it.
      Thanks for your very substantial feedback.

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