ios is a tini-tiny island about 3 – 4 hours north of Crete.


Ios is only 11 by 6 miles long. Cute island, eh. You can literally ATV the whole island in a zip. Driving around it was so so so fun! Yup, that’s me on a four-wheeler. 🙂 We were off to here …


… an amphitheater situated with a very nice view. If I ever to watch a performance here, I would be so distracted looking at the show.

Ios is actually a party island. We went out to eat and drink a little at an Italian restaurant, but never really did the whole bar scene. I’m just more about a different kind of party……. sight-seeing party. 😀

11924956_10153655655273578_6452839684383586709_nAbove is what they call a “buried church”. 🙂




And like most waters here in Greece, the beaches are so pristine and beautiful.





Greece really has converted me into a beach person.




I had a very low expectation of Ios. It isn’t known to many. A party island doesn’t suit me well. It looks generic. But we made the best of out it, and had fun. I actually like it more than the more popular Mykonos. But that’s for a later post.\

If you are ever here, I suggest riding the ATV. It’s convenient, and not to mention, practical. 😉

Last calls …


11903910_10153655719588578_5871982902849588406_nMy apology for the hiatus. I was between work, studying for promotion, and college. Plus, I don’t have darn internet at my place!


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  1. I’m not at all shy to say hi to you dear Rommel!
    Your Ios post is totally fabulous.You have so impresively presented the unspoiled natural beauties of this small quaint island!Odysseas Elytis open air theatre looks magnificent with Mylopotas bay in the backdrop!Your wonderful seascapes remind me of Luc Besson’s film “The Big Blue” (Le Grand Bleu).Ios was the setting of some scenes shot in Manganari.Next time don’t forget to include the tomb of Homer sight which is on the hill of Psathopirgos.Thank you so much for appreciating the small Greek islands my friend 🙂

  2. Wow, for such a small island it seems to have just about everything. The amphitheater situated where it is, overlooking the bay is tremendous…wow, I agree, I don’t know if I’d be able to watch the performer or the view. The name too, I like “Ios” it has a nice ring. Great to hear from you again and it looks like things have been going very well, and wish you continued successes!

  3. Lol, Ios is one of the first Greek islands I visited (way back when I was still a partier), and I absolutely loved it. In fact, my friend and I went to Santorini for the night, and promptly went back to Ios the next day because we were BORED (yes, bored in Santorini – if you can believe it?). Oh, how times have changed… :p

  4. What a glorious little bolt hole Rommel ! That hillock with white houses and buildings looks like a Greek toytown .. with just a little room at the top for a few more .
    Great contentment in your pictures 🙂

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