Me and my girl went to Mykonos right before the Summer ended.


I don’t know what to make out of Mykonos. I was looking hard as to why it is deemed as one of the top destinations in Greece.


I was looking hard for its character. I saw it as being generic. At first, I thought it was so mundane.


I was looking around and I couldn’t spot any hot, beautiful women around. 😀 😉 That actually de-energized me. I even told my girl that. 🙂 How awful of me, I know.


Instead, I see lots of burly strapping herculean men walking around.


The main landmarks are only windmills.


You can walk and shop around Little Venice.


Even that I question because it looks nothing like Venice. They do have great Italian restaurants.


As the sun was setting, people crowded the area by the windmills. My apology for the pictures. We only used an iPad for a camera.


As we continue on just strolling around esp. when the night fell and people where heading out to party, we saw even more men. What I didn’t know and is interesting to know is that Mykonos is a place where gays go to for a vacation.


And that’s what I like about Mykonos. It gives it a different vibe, a different charm.


I maybe still skeptical how Mykonos is a well-known Greek island, but I think that makes Mykonos an interesting place to really wander around. I guess the mystery enveloping this island is part of the personality.


I think people come here with a let-it-loose, chips-fall-where-they-may attitude. And so, people who are here for sightseeing reason should come here without preconceived notion, an open mind. I was trying hard to find the character of Mykonos because I was only looking to find it on the sightseeing views. I had my blinders on. The character of Mykonos is on what it has become, the kind of people who come here  and each of their own characters. Mykonos, to me, is a free-spirited place with a hidden flair.

Last Call…


You might get interested with these three more islands that are also part of the Cyclades ….




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  1. I was laughing my a** out when I read the “hot, beautiful women” part but yeah, I would still like to visit the place to check out the Hercules Men 🙂 I missed reading your blog!

  2. I wasn’t very impressed with Mykonos either. I believe it’s one of the top four ‘gay destinations’ which is probably why you saw more hot guys around than hot women. 🙂 Great photos though, Rommel, especially the first one.

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