My time here in Crete, Greece summarizes a lot about growth and openness.

TOP 5: Secret Beach in Souda Bay


I found myself tapping back to beingΒ very open to people, and really build different kinds of relationships. With my line of work, where I go from one place to another, cultivating relationships is definitely a hard thing to do. Even though I know the relationships I built here won’t last, I still maintained that openness and rapport to people I’ve encountered here.


TOP 4: Omalos

Personally and, more so, professionally, I did a lot of growing here in Greece. πŸ™‚ I became more of a persistent self-starter and a determined goal-oriented person. Β Even though I wasn’t successful to some of my goals, I still felt good with my progress. I took care of myself, and I Β really became much more focused and responsible than ever before.

TOP 3: Carnivale in Rethymno

It’s most certainly been so much fun. I loved the place, and at the same time, I loved coming to work here and the people I worked with. That is not always the case. Β With Crete being a very small island and that we are all away from our families and we lack the things we are used back in the U.S., it’s easier for us to bond together.

TOP 2: Santorini, Greece

Greek culture to me has been phenomenal. Residing here for a year allowed me to delve deeper not just with the Greek culture but also the comparisons between European countries I’ve been to.Β My carefree and easygoing personality fit perfectly me here. πŸ™‚ Other people would dwell on the chaos and sloppy nature here, but me, I love it. Greeks are good people. They have their pride. They’re a little disorganized and very laidback with the way they do things. But really, they are amiable. You are very safe with the Greeks.

TOP 1: Gramvousa and Balos in Kissamos

Greece is drop dead gorgeous! Especially with everything that goes with the water. So many pristine, crystal clear beaches to admire and dive into. Greece really turned me into a water person.Β It is so beautiful. It is so beautiful.





My time here in Greece is coming to an end. It’s been a great year. I gained a lot more experienced and travel opportunities. More importantly, I’ve grown so much here.

P.S. I loved my apartment. πŸ™‚


Last Calls…

More of Greece favorites…

A chapter soon to close, another one opens. Me and my girl will explore more of Greece. We’ll stay in Athens, Thessaloniki and Corfu. Very soon, I will be in Japan and reside there for 2 years.

Very Last Call ….


Happy New Year Everybody!

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  1. Thanks for reminding me that I need to go back to Greece. Later this year I will go to the Cyclades for a few weeks but I will avoid Santorini because it isn’t one of my favourite islands.

  2. Aging and maturing has a way of changing us. Personal growth is a wonderful thing. I’m so glad you had a fabulous year and I look forward to hearing about your time in Japan. Happy New Year!

    • Yeah, the mountains are snowing right around this time. It’s utterly beautiful for a Summer destination country. I can’t wait to explore your Motherland.

  3. What a wealth of wonderful scenes you’ve captured Rommel; so many different feelings and flavours. Makes me want to be travelling again. It’s such a big world and nowhere enough time to see it all, so thank you for sharing your travels, and so many places I’ll never get to! And have a grand 2016!

    • …. And this is why blogging is great. You get to see the world not how magazine or entertainment media perceive it, but from regular people like you and me. Have a great one this 2016.

  4. This is stunning work Rommel, which does not come as a surprise πŸ™‚ A beautiful way to bring in the New Year ~ a great post and best to you with your writing and photography in the New Year. Cheers to a great 2016.

  5. Happy New Year to you too. Looks like you had an absolute blast in Greece. Your photos are making me so envious. πŸ€‘ I really must go back there one day. Looking forward to your Japanese adventures. Hope you manage to post more often this year. I miss you. πŸ˜ƒ

    • I’ve never really known about Minasa Festival in Bulacan before. There are just so many festivals in the Philippines to know it all. It sure looks very interesting festival, but I think that one is very thematic with carabao and a lot of harvests.

  6. Is it really a year that you have been in Greece. It’s great that you are able to adapt and adopt Greece. You have included one of my bucket list in your top list, Santorini!

    Great colorful pictures, even I won’t make it there I saw the country’s beauty through you

    Cheers to a new year, and by the way we will be in California next winter Dec 2016.

    • I was showing my girl your pictures and your travels, and how you are living your life RV’ing. I may be fortunate to have visited many countries, but the fortune you get from RV’ing is equally grand. It’s been a blast here in Greece, but I still miss California from time to time.

  7. Has it been really a year now?
    With your kind of work, it seems you adapt and adopt very quickly.
    One of my bucket list is in your tip list, Santorini. And even if we won’t make it there, your gorgeous pictures will suffice. Thank you.
    We will be wintering in CA later this year. I wonder if you will be there or in Japan.

    Cheers for another great year Rommel.

  8. Beautiful country ! Wishing you the very best for 2016 Rommel . It’s been a great year for you just looking back trhough some of your posts , I’ve no doubt you’ll be sharing more of your adventures and explorations as and when πŸ˜‰

  9. (my comment got posted before I could complete it πŸ˜› ) I mean I know how have you been, seeing from you post! Seems like you had experience of a lifetime! And those pictures are just heavenly, I’ve to admit I’m a bit jealous. Those places are just breathtakingly beautiful ! Hope to see you around more often!

    Happy New Year!

  10. Hello Rommel!
    What a wonderful blog, glad to have discovered you from the lovely Yvonne of Kritsa fame.
    You hit the nail on the head with “carefree and easygoing”. that’s Greece…just like yourself!
    Greece does something to people, you never want to leave, it certainly did it to me, I left England for Greece thirty eight years ago, I’m still here and have no intentions of leaving! You’ll be back, I’m sure of it!
    Spectacular photos, you caught the real essence of Greece.

  11. Excellent opportunity. Glad that you can share it directly with your girlfriend and other friends who have shown up at times in your posts… and with us virtually.

    Japan! I have fond memories of 3 trips that I had there. The first was when I was 8 years old. That lead to a life time connection with their culture, art, and Buddhisms. I like to stop in at the Freer Art Gallery (part of the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C.) every once in a while to get my Japan-fix. Between college experiences, I spend 2 summers in Japan, not just as a tourist, but staying with my parents who lived there for 3 years.

    Two years! what a great adventure to look forward to. As to establishing relationships, get out, talk with people, be in the moment. You could live in any USA city for 2 years and either connect or watch all the people who hide behind the screnes of there the cell phones. I don’t have a cell phone (such a 19th century attitude), so I chose to connect instead. Thanks for dropping by every once in a while. I enjoy your commentaries and photos.
    P.S. Being somewhere and reminiscing are two different phenomenon. I’m still finding posts to write about our trip to Napels and Rome last year! I see you have an post on the Amalfi Coast. Excellent. I’ll see you there in a few minutes.

  12. I am happy almost anywhere in Greece but most especially in Crete. I love the fierceness of the Cretan people, their love of their island, and their respect for the land, its produce, and its history. Above all, I love their slow-cooking and the amazing variety of dishes they can present. Thanks for introducing me to Delos. I didn’t know about this.

  13. Hey Rommel !! I’ve been away for awhile and just read this post. About growing – Since i met you online you have done huge growing – maturity, wisdom, openness and especially grown as an accomplished photographer. And what an exciting job you have taken!I believe traveling changes you. I can’t put it in words, whatever it is. But I do think traveling teaches one how to live with people and how to live with yourself.And as we know a camera is a good traveling companion.Besides opening doors to all kinds of experiences it feeds your creative soul. I haven’t been to Greece but would love to see the light there, the blue and white of Greece and the enjoy meeting the people. Have fun

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