Corfu, Greece

Corfu is so darn charming!



I felt the most of that European charm in Corfu than anywhere else in Greece.


I knew that Corfu is somewhat different from other Greek cities.


Later on I found out that Corfu never fell under the Ottoman oppression making their influences distinctive from the rest of Greece.


It’s very tranquil too!


We went here during winter when tourists are not all over the place. Then again, we traveled to different parts in Greece sequentially, and still I found Corfu to be the most temperate.


We really missed a lot of beautiful locations in Corfu given that we went there off season. We tried to go and see one beach destination, but it was so dead and everything’s closed that we didn’t even get to explore it. We only saw glimpses of it from the bus.


But of course I (we) can get really stubborn when it comes to travel exploration. We walked an extra mile to taste a bit of Greece’s pristine waters.



Gorgeous! Just gorgeous!



With time on our hands, we mainly circled around The Old Town.



We visited the Old Fortress.



We climbed the top all the way to the lighthouse.


There, we got a bird’s eye view of the city center.



We also took the bus and got to Achilleion. I’ll save that on a later post.



Our hotel was conveniently near the Vlacherna Monastery.



Granted we came here during Winter, but I was still completely charmed by it. What more if it was during summer season?


Last Call …


Tell me, do you have any good off season travels?


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  1. Wow, your artistry in these photographs is such a pleasure, rommel. Thanks so much for taking on this breathtaking trip to Corfu. Every photo is a story, I espec. like the solo man in the boat surrounded by blue.

  2. I love my country and especially the Greek islands,dear Rommel,but I love it more through your lense and your glorious photos.You impressively displayed Kerkyra’s long history and culture blended with cerulean seas and verdant rocks.Thank you,my friend.
    PS:I have a rich file of photos,but I won’t post any here,again;here are some Lawrence Durrell verses for you,he was a Corfu-lover :

    This unimportant morning
    Something goes singing where
    The capes turn over on their sides
    And the warm Adriatic rides
    Her blue and sun washing
    At the edge of the world and its brilliant cliffs…

    • Ahihihi …. Thanks for the beautiful verses. I actually love seeing your comment pics. It lets me know how others “see” the things I’ve seen.

  3. When you travel off season you see things and talk to locals in a way you never would during high season. Crocus peaking through the snow in London parks, hotel owner’s inviting you to their table in their dining room in Ireland, spending an hour talking to locals in the shops in Rome. Experiencing 15 straight days of (light)snow in Poland. January and February are the best time of the year to travel in Europe. Love your photos.

    • Very true. We had the most local interactions this winter trip we had than in any of our trips. I remember the old folks we asked on how to get around the city, and they were “arguing” for the best way for us to purchase bus tickets. 🙂

    • Ow, there was actually one person swimming on one of the areas I’ve shown here. I guess one can’t really resist to dive in those beautiful inviting waters.

    • Corfu is still Greek but definitely very distinguishable from the rest. I’m here in Japan now so I’ll just dream about Summer in Greece for now.

    • Thanks! It’s always hard to decide which Greece destination to go to. I’m sure Naxos was still a great choice. Thanks for the compliment.

    • Decent actually. If you look at the picture of me with the water, to my right was a guy swimming. 🙂 Either the water temp was decent, or he really just have a strong threshold for cold. 😀

  4. Corfu looks like a great place to hang ~ a bit of Greece and then as you say a feel of Europe. The photo you captured of the sea and of the fisherman taking up just a small space of this vastness is incredible…a feeling of serenity with this shot 🙂 Enjoy your travels.

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