Paleochora in Crete, Greece


There are plenty of paleochora in Greece.


Paleochora means ancient village.


However, Paleochora in Crete is the one that grabbed hold of that word and used it as its location name.


Paleochora is 77 km south of Chania.


Our day was spent mostly just strolling along the charming promenade lined with inviting restaurants.


We were there during a holiday season so there aren’t much tourists around. Just the locals in  sight, which not a bad trade at all.


Paleochora is known for its beaches.


See, no one around. We were here last December. Cold season in Greece means travel destinations are empty.


We did saw a little something, something. 😀 Oooops!


Being a peninsula, it boasts to have a variety of  beaches, including a pebble beach.


What I (we) loved doing was getting on top of Castle Selino ruins to get an overlooking view of Paleochora.



I say if you want a happy medium, Paleochora may be a great choice. Paleochora is not the wildest like Platanias or Malia. It may not be the most pristine like Elafonisi or Balos. It doesn’t have a big of a name like Chania. Paleochora does promise you laid-back atmosphere, friendly ambience, and good vibes.

Just like this guy.




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  1. Obviously, from both your posts and your words – laid back, friendly and good vibes. That would be him! 🙂 And the shot of the church tower resembles, interestingly, a wedding cake. You clearly have a special place in your heart for Crete.

  2. Ah Rommel, fancy you being in Paleochora! I was there on my own for a holiday back in 1995. I hired a motorbike and went off over some mountain or other for a day. And one day when I was swimming a pelican tried to steal my snorkel! It was a lovely place and lovely people and I enjoyed it, even though I was kind of going through a difficult and lonely time back then. Thanks for bringing back these memories 🙂

  3. Beautiful photos, Rommel… I particularly like the last one with that handsome man in it 😉
    I am a little confused. Aren’t you in Japan? Now you are back in Greece? Because of you, Greece is on my bucket list now. 😉 Thanks for sharing.

    • Sorry for the confusion. I am in Japan for two years. It’s just that we went on a travel spree before I left Greece, and now I still have sosny travel backlogs from it.

  4. Hi! Your photos are beautiful! I’m Finnish living Chania in Akrotiri. Akrotiri has also amazing pieceful and beautiful places like Tersanas.If you ever like to stay there have a look Looking for to read about your next travels! Teje

    • That looks amazing. Cheap price too! Sadly, I’m no longer in Greece, but I got friends that are still out there so I’ll try to facebook share it. Thanks for the comment and visit, Teje.

  5. Great post and photos. What stood out for me particularly was the buildings. Nothing like this in Canada, and so beautiful. And lots of solar panels, which is very cool. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  6. Great shots of a beautiful country. Skiathos was our favorite island, incredible people living in a very small community that is over run by tourists every summer. I loved it and was delighted to see other great photo s of places I would love to visit.

  7. Next time I’ll visit Paleochora as a tourist in order to appreciate the sights more and take magnificent photos like yours,dear Rommel.
    Glad you included ‘Astrini’,Gerhard Stelzhamme’s statue.He comes from Austria but he lives permanently there now.Best to you 🙂

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