Yokohama’s Chinatown

Before going to Yokohama’s Fireworks Festival…


Explosions in the Sky


I first took a detour to Chinatown in Yokohama.


I only had a little bit of time to spare so I tried to cover as much ground as I could.


Little did I know that this Chinatown is huge! It is THE largest in ASIA. Not just in Japan …. in Asia.


Such a lengthy stretch of vibrancy.


The restaurants all looked and smelled so good, and so inviting!


a robot that greets and takes your order

So I flirted with my time schedule and gave in to temptations.


The main attraction is the Kwan Tai Temple.



Next time I come here, I will plan it at night or during Chinese New Year, with more time to explore, eh? πŸ˜‰

*Images are taken with Samsung S6 except the first two.

Last Call …

Found these two at the train station. πŸ™‚


Tell me, have you been to any of the Chinatowns of the world?


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    • No. I’ve only been here, the one in San Francisco, and LA. I wouldn’t mind making Nagasaki be my fourth. *Crosses fingers* Thanks for the head’s up!

      • The one in SF is nice. If ii have a chance to go to the East Coast of the US try NYC and Philadelphia’s. Most authentic HKGese food I’ve had outside Hong Kong!

    • Good to know you’ve been to Yokohama. I haven’t fully explored it but being it a short distance from my place, I have plenty of opportunity to explore some more.

    • I believe you mention this before too. That card might be really something something for you to keep. I loved LA Chinatown because I went there during Chinese New Year and had a blast.

  1. Chinatown in Kuala Lumpur was fab. Hey, I love those cute little golden pigs, are they money boxes? and what’s the tile on the ground by your feet about?
    Very colourful Rommel, happy days !

    • I think the pigs are displays for good luck. They are not money boxes. The tile on the ground seems to show relationships of Chinese and Japanese with other nations.

  2. I absolutely loved the splash of colors in your photos! It was like a treat to the eye. Plus I’m a little biased towards “fireworks” shot as being the best since fireworks are my weakness 😍

    Sadly I have never been to any Chinatowns but I’m glad I could take a virtual tour through your post πŸ™‚

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