Painting kokeshi is fun, fun, fun!



Three years ago, when I lived in Okinawa for 6 months, I went crazy over kokeshi. I bought tons of them for me to keep as well as to give away to relatives. Here is my post about kokeshi three years ago — Kokeshi.


Kokeshi is translated as wooden dolls.

There are two kinds of kokeshi …




…. and the creative kind.


Fast forward last month in Sendai, I got so excited upon hearing that part of the tour I signed up to was visiting a kokeshi museum.


And part of the visit was painting a kokeshi.


I did a horrible job with mine, but it’s still fun to me anyways. And yes, I made mine girly. 😛


I now have even greater mad respect to professional kokeshi makers.

I really loved our trip to Sendai and the chance to paint a kokeshi because I don’t usually do any actual cultural activities.

I bought me some more kokeshi, and I get to bring home what I painted. WEEEE!!! 😀


Last Call …


If you’re ever in Japan, I suggest kokeshi for a great souvenir.


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  1. I can’t imagine how amateurish mine would be if I tried, but it would be a lot of fun! The tradition of painting them and the skill it would take is delightful!

    • I can only imagine. We were all having a hard time, except one. We were thinking that the brush tips are too thick. But because there is at least one person who was doing great, we knew that it can be done well and properly given the skills and talent.

  2. I love your painting! Can I place a mail order? I bought one at the Tokyo airport decades ago, still have it. I had no idea how it was made, Thank you for the post. 🙂

  3. I happen to like yours very much Rommel. It has a feathery, airbrushed quality to it. And it is always nice to see men getting in touch with their feminine side.

  4. So many beautiful Kokeshi. I wish I had know there are Kokeshi painting tours. My mother fell in love with them the first time they visited me in Japan and I bring home at least one every time I’m flying back to Japan 🙂
    You did a beautiful job

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