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In Rota

It wasn’t in Rome, Paris, Dublin, Barcelona or any place grand. I remember it. The first time when I sat foot in European land, I remember it so well.


Revisiting Rome

Thousand sophisticated words can fall right in front of me but Rome is simply…

Bohol, Philippines

Our city tour of Bohol was kind of like a tuck and roll act. We would pull over, wander around, take pictures and return back to the car, ready to roll again to the next.


Flashback Friday: A-Z

I’m using Frizztext’s A-Z Challenge for my Flashback Friday.


VIGAN (part deux)

Authentic, it’s the perfect word to describe Vigan.


MY Favorite Italian Music

I encourage everyone to embrace the culture of the country you are in or travel to, not just tourism-wise, or food, but other areas like music, perhaps clothing, language and traditions as well.


Near and Far: Europe and California

I badly wish to go back to Europe. But I can’t complain as much. Not only that I’ve been very blessed to have gone there, the place I’m currently in ain’t too shabby for my travel fix.


Flashback Friday: Columbus Day Weekend in San Marino, Verona, Venice and Pisa

On my very first Flashback Friday, I annotated that my next one was supposed to be this post. I decided to put it on hold and wait for the Columbus Day Weekend as this trip happened on the same occasion three years ago. These are my very first […]


I Crave (Expanded)

But, if I were to choose between any of those, I’d skip all my world’s food travel in exchange of going to …


SUNDAY POST: Reflection and Peace in Nature, or Caramoan, Philippines

The world is vast and wonderful, but it is also cruel and unforgiving. It is unstable, and that you need to locate your balance to everything.