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Highway 33, MRE and Hiking Previews

Highway 33 is so scenic that I couldn’t resist but to drive slowly, pull over the vistas and turnouts, and rubberneck on the stunning views from my car. It completely extends my time staying there.


Botanical Garden in Balboa Park

Get there, and it guarantees something that will fit to your liking. The entire Balboa Park is an absolute MUSTt.

The Jelly Experience [Exhibit III]

I have weighed and attempted all of my options. I dove the lowest of lows. I reached the highest height. I drove the path-less-traveled. I have chased all the pavements leading nowhere. I read the manual. I watched the DIY videos. I took baby steps. I leapfrogged it. […]

Muir Woods National Monument

I take pictures of places I go to, things I see and people who are casually blocking my camera view. I’m not so fond of having taken pictures of myself. I have a friend who once asked why people don’t include themselves in the picture. I asked that question in reverse. Like music genre […]

It’s More Fun in the Philippines (part deux)

There’s so many islands there that I don’t even dare remember each one every time our navigator or guide mention their names. Caramoan is actually my first island hopping experience. To avoid too much crowd, I didn’t want to choose the country’s more popular summer destinations like Puerto Prinsesa or Puerto Gallera or […]