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Last Call…



It’s been a dream on mine to go Africa. I wanna see the beautiful people of Africa, and of course, the animals.

10. Place where you’d like to go

Paris, France

We didn’t exactly have a lot of time when we were in Paris. I’m grateful for my visit there, but a day and a half in Paris just doesn’t cut it. I would want to explore Paris more.

09. Place you’d like to go back to

Crete, Greece

chania (30)

My girl in Crete was a good one. She took good care of me. I will never forget her.

08. Place where you lived a romantic moment


07. Place where you lived a memorable moment

Vigan, Philippines

[E]mpanada in Vigan

I would trade any other food I got in exchange of Vigan empanada. I’ve been many places and have tasted many culture food, but Vigan empanada is THE best of them all. We tried a supposedly Vigan empanada in Manila, but it’s just not the same as if you’re to get it exactly in Vigan. I’m craving for Vigan empanda. What I wouldn’t give for my lips to have a meeting with Vigan empanada again.ūüôā

I wonder when we’d get to invent something that would record taste into memory. AhihihiūüėÄ

06. Place where you had a tasty memories

Seville, Spain


There’s just so much to see and do in Seville, and it’s just so pretty. I had a memorable fun night there too.

05. Place which surprised you

Mykonos, Greece


My fault for having such a high expectation from our trip to Mykonos. I just don’t see how this place is popular.

04. Place which disappoints you

Iwo Jima, Japan


We walked and hiked from the air terminal all the way up to Mt. Suribachi for 4 hours, to and back. I was beat. I couldn’t imagine the soldiers braving to go to war and fight, and then imagine them with the physical exhaustion they had to go through.¬† Mad respect to the servicemen who fought the Battle of Iwo Jima.


03. Place which touched you



I hated my work when I was in Italy. But it was such an awesome country, and I had THE BEST circle of friends.

02. Place where you had fun



I’ve been all kinds of places, but Philippines is the nearest and dearest to my heart.

01. Place you always bring with you

I decided to, for the first time, follow a rule of sticking to just one answer.ūüėČ

I was tagged by Living Out The Box and About Her Small World. They both have outstanding responses to this tagged post. I say head over to their posts instead of staying here on mine.

I’ve been wanting to do a post where things are backwards. I finally found one that I can apply that to. I apologize if this makes you dizzy and confused.ūüėÄ


5 Seconds


Incredibly Loud and Extremely Close by Jonathan Safran Foer – Packed with bits of¬† sentiments and details both in words and in visuals, this novel earns one of the best child narrators I’ve ever read.
In Rainbow by Radiohead – Music that takes you in a trance and¬†lyrics that will rip your hearts apart. Seriously, Radiohead albums should have a forewarning: Do not listen when depressed… or driving on the road at night.
Almost Famous¬†– Very interesting that this, well, very interesting life journey is loosely based on the director’s (Cameron Crowe) teenage years. One of the top music-related movies to date.


I was tagged by Rommel of The Sophomore Slump¬† to list the 5 places I’d like to go back to. I am listing just that.¬†Not exactly the best destinations,¬†but¬†5 places that I’ve been to and wish to go back to. To wander once more. To explore more and hit the areas I wish I knew then. Places I wish I had more time to be in.¬†Trips where I wish I used my times there better.¬†Places I’ve been dreaming about of returning. 5 places I wouldn’t at all mind going for seconds.


The Alcazar alone is enough reason to go back Seville. The Cathedral,¬†La Giralda, the palace, the watchtower “Torre de Oro”, the bullring, all in walking distance are¬†icing on the cake. I will never forget the time when I just walked in the neighborhood¬†by myself very early in the morning. For no apparent reason other than just wandering around and¬†soaking in the moment.


Not that I didn’t have a¬†great experience¬†on our trip here¬†per se. I did. It was adventurous actually. We explore a secret excursion that not many tourists know about. I just wish I knew¬†how awesome the¬†grotto really is. When I was here, I was with two friends who didn’t want to spend money to go on the boat that takes people to the Blue Grotto. Not only that, our time was not on our side either. I wish I was more pushy.ūüėÄ I wish to go back here for the Blue Grotto. Then¬†have more¬†to see its¬†pristine¬†water, the picturesque houses, the boats, and the overlooking view¬†once again.



I was excited to go to Japan for its unique culture. Although separated from the mainland,¬†I’d still definitely go back to Okinawa, Japan to¬†immerse once more of¬†the culture,¬†visit the amazing places,¬†witness the awesome events and meet the people again and again.¬†I wouldn’t even mind having the same experiences all over.ūüėČ Okinawa¬†provided me¬†so many “first” travel experiences.




There is just so much things to see and do in Bohol. So many of it so define the culture and beauty of the Philippines. I highly suggest the water tours which include dolphin watching, snorkelling, and the most beautiful spots ever, Virgin Island.


It is loved by many for good reasons. I got lost here from wandering around too much. :) Paris is Paris. I blame it solely on Paris.



Holistic Wayfarer: A Holistic JourneyConfessions: Mismatching Socks and My Deepest Longing – Just one of the most honest, eloquent, best written blog pieces I’ve ever read.


Memory Monday: Crowd


How well are you with crowds? When it comes to just going to travel destinations, I don’t like crowds. During holidays, I try to usually go hiking or just stay away from popular sites. But when it comes to events, I can deal with crowds.

I like capturing crowds. Seeing my pictures results, it’s nice to examine and identify each facial expressions and what each person is doing.


– Sea World [San Diego, California] –

Some of crowd pics have that one or two distinctive, noticeable person/s that stick out.

Running of the Bull [Jerez, Spain] –
This is where I almost lost my family jewel from getting rammed by the bull!

Perhaps the biggest crowd I’ve ever been with was during the Tug of War in Okinawa, Japan. It has a crazy excessive total of 270,000 participants!

1394781_10151990279933578_1552751741_n277,000! people participated in pulling this giant rope that weighs over 40 tons and extends over 650 feet –

And the crowd goes wild …


– Tug of War [ Naha in Okinawa, Japan] –

Can you deal with the sweat-swapping?ūüėÄūüėõ

This crowd is looking up at something.


– It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s, it’s, it’s …. –

– Prague, Czech Republic –

Click here to see what they look up at for – Prague Orloj.

And what about concert crowds. I hate some of them! I don’t like those who are blazing up doobies.ūüėÄūüė¶

Can you wrestler with the crowd and all the elbowing going on?ūüôā

I like a quieter, more manageable crowd, of course.

– Bull fight Arena [Andalusia, Spain] –

Do you follow a crowd clogged up in a street to see what the fuss is all about?

Venice Beach Crowd

– Street Performance [Venice Beach, California] –

I know you do. Don’t even lie.ūüėõūüėÄ

I don’t blame you. When you want to find something interesting, it’s a good meter, and sign!,¬†to follow a crowd.ūüėČ

Birch Aquarium

I like taking pictures of crowd in front of an aquarium. But not when¬†a bunch of¬†cellphones are glowing bright…

– Churaumi Aquarium [Okinawa, Japan] –

This group of performers is the missing picture on my Reflection II post. Just look how happy each and every one is!

Live While You're Woung

– Koza Atrium [Okinawa, Japan] –
Children dancing to the tune of “Live While You’re Young”. Their energy and smiles were infectious, I carried that spirit throughout my stay in there


Sometimes, you just can’t avoid the crowd. Well … If you can’t¬†beat them, join them.

I think I surround myself with the right crowd…

Spanish Footsteps

– Spanish Footsteps at night [Rome, Italy] –



Well let’s go Italy….

Find out what makes Timeless Italy of Italy: From St. Peter to Caravaggio a category award candidate of Italy Magazine Blogger Award.


Go ahead and crowd this post with comments.ūüėÄ

Near and Far: Europe and California

VENICE – Tops: California, Bottoms: Italy

I badly wish to go back to Europe. But I can’t complain as much. Not only that I‚Äôve been very blessed to have gone there, the place I‚Äôm currently in ain‚Äôt too shabby for my travel fix. Plus, it really isn’t hard to cross-culture here in California.

Villas – Design of Getty Villa {Bottom) is inspired by The Villa of Papyri in Herculaneum (Top).

I really enjoyed the neat idea I came up with when I Merge: Herculanem and Getty Villa. And so, I tweak it a bit for my entry of Near and Far. The images in this post are places in California where you can imagine or reminisce different locations in Europe. Not what the challenge is looking for, but I’ve been known as a notorious¬† WPC rule-breaker.

Spanish Footsteps – Top Right: Rodeo Drive, California, Top Left and Bottom: Rome, Italy. Related post: Journey

I like to know. Anything around your area, or places you’ve been to, that resembles, comparable to, or is based from another location or site from a different country?

Alcazar Garden – Left: Sevilla, Spain, Right: Balboa Park

The next one is with the help of sister, Analyn. She’s quite a globetrotter as well.

Danish – Tops: Solvang, Bottom: Copenhagen, Denmark (picture courtesy of my sister)

This post is part of Flashback Friday. *sticks tongue out*



Here is Loni. Check out her Yosemite posts. Check out her Venice post. Check out her Mud Run post. Check out the one where she got on TV. Check out her Anniversary post and the different places her and her husband have gone to. Check out her Academy post. Check out food, places of mainly California, and her wide-eye impressive photographs. My favorite however is¬† her 100th post where she showed her “Loni Exhibit”, These are some of my favorite things. Go ahead and Check out how Loni Found Herself.

Weekly Photo Challenges: Close Friends

Long overdue entry to¬†two Weekly Photo Challenges. I love the challenge because it urges bloggers to show photos of themselves to their entries.¬†So I just collected¬†all my tagged Facebook group pictures…

Ramstein Germany – We had an itsy bitsy fun sliding down slight slopes of snow.

Naples, Italy – One of us was retiring but he didn’t get a proper farewell dinner from his company. And so we gave him one. We even gave him a plague with¬†collage pictures of his stay in Italy.¬†I think it’s much much better to have it with friends than co-workers.

Venice, Italy – The perfect time to go to Venice is during the Carnivale celebration. To ride a gondola is a MUST for every visitors. You might as well take advantage of it when you are just visiting it.

Amsterdam – Bikes are not the only hype in Amsterdam, baby strollers of visitors as well. *grin*

St. Francis Basilica in Asissi – Traveling with big group can still make small trips memorable.

Ferrari Museum in Maranello, Italy -After Venice, we headed to Maranello for some Ferrrari zeal and adrenaline rush.

This is coming back from our trip to Idelweiss in Germany. (A separate trip from Ramsteinn)

White Elephant at a Christmas Party.

Last Calls…

Rota, Spain – I was chugging a Jungle Juice. *grin*

Italy – My 2010 birthday.

Cheers to a happy life with family, friends and love ones!


Traveling? Meeting and making friends?


Brazil, South Africa, Asia, Europe, England, Japan, Mozambique, Bolivia, Rwanda, and a whole lot more. 3rdCultureChildren is not just a travel blog, it is full of heart, generosity, and kindness. My favorite is this unnoticed post with highly impressive travel images and heartwarming messages, “The World We Live In” has called: places we’ve discovered… Enjoy the sights, follow their experiences and meet their acquaintances.

My Amazing Race

As a way¬†to revisit¬†my blog before I hit my 100th post on my next post, I’m traveling back in time and places …¬†The Amazing Race style.

Is everybody ready? Alright, let’s get this race started. The world is waiting for you. On my mark, travel safe, Go!

Paris:  Lost in Paris [From the Category Cloud: Rest of Europe]

  • Season 1: Leg 2 Roadblock
  • Season 1: Leg 2 Pitstop (Arch de Tromphe)
  • Season 1: Leg 3 Place du Chatelet
  • Season 4: Leg 4

Italy: [Category Cloud: Italy]

  • Rome –¬†Season 1: Leg 6 Roadblock, Fast Forward (Colloseo)
  • Venice – Season 4: Leg 2 Fast Forward (Rialto Bridge)¬†w/ Venetian Masks Task
  • Rome – Season 9: Leg 6 (Spanish Footsteps and Trevi Fountain)
  • Florence – Season 12: Leg 8 (Florence)

California: Hsi Lai Temple [Tag: California]

Santa Monica Pier

  • Season 4: Leg 1
  • Santa Monica Pier – Season 5: Leg 1 Starting Point
  • ¬†Hsi Lai Temple – Season 19: Leg 1¬† Starting Point
  • San Francisco – Season 16: Finish Line

Florida: The kid in the picture has grown as seen on my Weekly Photo Challenge: Simple

  • Season 3: Leg 1 Starting Point
  • Season 11: Leg 1 Starting Point

Germany: Neuschwanstein Castle [Category Cloud: Rest of Europe]


  • Munich – Season 3: Leg 7 Fast Forward
  • Neuschwainstein Castle: Season 3: Leg 7 Pit Stop
  • Munich – Season 9: Leg 3 Pit Stop
  • Garmisch – Season 20: Leg 5

Amsterdam: Amsterdam [Category: Rest of Europe]

  • Season 4: Leg 5
  • Season 12: Leg 12 w/ Additional Task of Riding a Cargo Bike

Philippines: [Category: Philippines]

  • Season 5: Leg 12 w/ Task of¬†Decorating a Jeepney

Spain: [Category: Spain]

  • Andalusia – Season 3: Leg 10

Brussels: Pralines, Frites and Escargot [Category: Food]

  • Season 19: Leg 10 w/ Task on Belgian Waffles

Prague: It’s a bird, it’s a plane … it’s, it’s … it’s Prague Orloj? [Category: Humor]

  • Season 15: Leg 11

Not all are listed per country or destinations.¬†The lists¬†with¬†seasons and legs¬†are in conjunctions with exactly where I had been. For example, TAR had been to Germany¬†7 times with 5¬†Pit Stops. I listed 3 Seasons with 2 Pit Stops.¬†Also, I’ve been to other places as well such as Japan, Singapore, Las Vegas, Mississippi, Switzerland, Kuwait, New Orleans¬†and Austria. Future posts noted and seen¬†here are Gondola in Venice, The Leaning Tower of Pisa, Santa Monica Pier, San Francisco¬†and Las Vegas.

My golly wow. It took me a long time to complete this post. Browsing through my blog, archiving my pictures, linking my posts¬†and wikipedia-ing all the seasons of the Amazing Race. Again! Great ideas are always are just hard to execute. What an amazing race posting this, and an amazing journey I’d been in.



FEATURED BLOG – Temporarily Lost

I wish I could be in this guy’s luggage every time he visits one country to another. See the world, follow Andrew Ameit’s footsteps and read on his experience, lessons and tips. Come along with him to Africa, Europe and¬†Asia, to where he is currently enjoying his stay.

This is my favorite post of his.

Ramstein, Idelweiss & Munich

Dialed down¬†to creative dryness, pushing to squeeze in a blog entry and just¬†plain slack-ness, I’ll just¬†upload pictures, have¬†a Kit-kat and viola! I shared.

“A picture can paint a thousand words.” Sure, sure. But when it comes to this featured blog, it needn’t be. A single beautifully captured picture combined with few¬†but chock full of words¬†will do just fine. For my next …

Featured Blog

Googsy’s Photography¬†is¬†full of surprises. Visit its homepage and you’ll be welcomed with glimpses of images that are not easy to turn¬†away from.¬†¬†Once you do get magnetized by the prodding and inviting pictures,¬†it¬†opens a back-door interpretation¬†from what you see¬†on the front. The words overflows with dazzling volume that will have you amazed, impressed, intrigued¬†and at times,¬†entertained, at least I do.

Take a look  and open the surprises, and see what you might get.

For my own blog entry, here is Germany …

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