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My Seven Super Shots! (part deux)

Remember this?

Well, I’m reviving it. For those of you who are unacquainted, this is a tag post back in 2012 where you present a super shot for each of the seven given categories. However, mine are going to be super-duper shots.🙂

This was my first My Seven Super Shots!

A photo take took my breath away…


I submitted this photo to a contest run by a tour company, and it won! This view was what welcomed us at the start of our hike in Kamikochi. I could stay there for a long time, even just looking at that view right there. It is just so pretty. Definitely a view that rendered me speechless.

A photo that makes me laugh or smile …


The dog gave life to the statue. I love how in sync they are on this picture as if they have a working relationship. They look like they are on watch. Or maybe they really were posing for the cameras because the house do get a good number of visitors. I took this shot from an outrageously weird house in Venice Beach –

A photo that makes me dream …


This is a hard choice as I had a lot of photos to pick from. I equate vast ocean with traveling, so that’s dreamy for me. I could easily drift off just looking at this picture. I’m really just making excuses. I decided to pick this because it’s a personal favorite of mine.🙂

A photo that makes me think …


This great whale shark is gigantic! I remember my reaction upon seeing it. I was in great awe. This really is a photo that makes me wonder. I love how the people gives a gauge on big the whale really is. This Kuroshio Sea Tank is located at Churaumi Aquarium in Okinawa, Japan.

A picture that tells a story…

chania (30)

This photo was from a very public spot, Downtown Chania in Crete, Greece. I’m always been hesitant to take pictures of people, but I’m so happy that I braved in taking this shot. The image definitely raises a lot of questions that don’t really beg for answers. All I really see is that it really shows so much love. It’s a very romantic scene.

A picture that made my mouth water …


Mykonos, Greece may not be my most recommended places, but we did have a fine Italian dining while there in Little Italy.

A picture that I am most proud of …


This is from the same spot in Kamikochi as the first photo. On my post of Kamikochi, there is a similar but more close-up picture. Although I actually like this one better. I’ve always been fond on taking pictures where my subjects are on the side and not centered. To me, a more accomplished shot is one that could change in a moment or in an instant, but you were able to capture it. I think this is one of my most accomplished shots.

Here are my some pictures I took into considerations:

I am tagging the first one million bloggers who will see this post. If you are the 1,000,001th, don’t even bother me to try making the cut. I think it would be neat to revive this and see other bloggers’ responses. So, if you do decide to show your seven super shots, please do let me know.


7 Nature Photography Challenge

I was tagged by Rommel of The Sophomore Slump to do a 7-day Nature Photography Challenge. Of course, I’m breaking rules again. This is supposef to be done each day in one week but I’m just going to break down my pictures into 7 categories to gather it all up into just one super post.  Actually, this is just my lame excuse to show some of my nature pics.😀

You got some scrolling to do. Just slow it down, and take it in.🙂

Sea Life











Cloud and the Sky











Bodies of Water



I’m not even sorry for the photo overload.

Category Tag: Nature

Last Call …


It’s a beautiful world!!!





I shouldn’t be posting this! I have so much travel posts to compose. It’s not the perfect set up. I wanted this post to be more than what it is right now. But it’s just that … I’ve really been itching to do a special post, or a collection post. I haven’t had one in a long while. Plus, it’s just neat that this post lands on 360.🙂


The strands in your eyes that color them wonderful
Stop me and steal my breath.




And emeralds from mountains thrust towards the sky
Never revealing their depth.


Rocky Intertidal Zone


Tell me that we belong together,
Dress it up with the trappings of love.



I’ll be captivated,
I’ll hang from your lips,
Instead of the gallows of heartache that hang from above.




I’ll be your crying shoulder,
I’ll be love’s suicide.




I’ll be better when I’m older,
I’ll be the greatest fan of your life.




And rain falls angry on the tin roof
As we lie awake in my bed.
You’re my survival, you’re my living proof.
My love is alive and not dead.




Tell me that we belong together.
Dress it up with the trappings of love.




I’ll be captivated,
I’ll hang from your lips,
Instead of the gallows of heartache that hang from above.




And I’ve dropped out, I’ve burned up, I’ve fought my way back from the dead.
I’ve tuned in, turned on, remembered the things that you said.




I’ll be your crying shoulder,
I’ll be love’s suicide.




I’ll be better when I’m older,
I’ll be the greatest fan of your life.




Lines from the song “I’ll Be” by Edwin McCain.

I want to have a romantic post. I never really had one, except for maybe Patience. I considered so many songs for this. Of course, last year’s song anthem was a very strong contender, which is Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud”. I tried looking for cotton candy pop songs, to rap love songs, and some obscure songs like “Such Great Heights” by The Postal Service/Iron and Wine. I ended with a very generic love song, but it is the perfect fit of what I was trying to do. This sappy song has been used as a wedding song. It is a love song, but it’s actually more of a break-up song.  It’s about being hopeful for a brighter future to a lover who’s no longer there (or around).

I know the post structure is similar to my other lyric post, The Scientist, but I beg to differ that it’s not.

It’s been raining, and that I can’t get out and explore Japan. But I signed up to 4 trips so I have some thing to look forward to. It’s been quite a adjustment for me here right now. Being in this kind of lifestyle where I reside from place to another, I would be so used by doing this. But it’s been rough. I know this is just a phase. I’ll be better in time. I have to keep doing my job. She has her own responsibilities too. And … I really miss my girl. I am very sad that we had to part ways. Life must go on.🙂

I actually have seen Edwin McCain performed back in 2010 in Italy.

I hope you enjoyed this Special Report.

For those of you who know this song… I bet you weren’t just reading the lines, you were singing it. HA!😀


My time here in Crete, Greece summarizes a lot about growth and openness.

TOP 5: Secret Beach in Souda Bay


I found myself tapping back to being very open to people, and really build different kinds of relationships. With my line of work, where I go from one place to another, cultivating relationships is definitely a hard thing to do. Even though I know the relationships I built here won’t last, I still maintained that openness and rapport to people I’ve encountered here.


TOP 4: Omalos

Personally and, more so, professionally, I did a lot of growing here in Greece.🙂 I became more of a persistent self-starter and a determined goal-oriented person.  Even though I wasn’t successful to some of my goals, I still felt good with my progress. I took care of myself, and I  really became much more focused and responsible than ever before.

TOP 3: Carnivale in Rethymno

It’s most certainly been so much fun. I loved the place, and at the same time, I loved coming to work here and the people I worked with. That is not always the case.  With Crete being a very small island and that we are all away from our families and we lack the things we are used back in the U.S., it’s easier for us to bond together.

TOP 2: Santorini, Greece

Greek culture to me has been phenomenal. Residing here for a year allowed me to delve deeper not just with the Greek culture but also the comparisons between European countries I’ve been to. My carefree and easygoing personality fit perfectly me here.🙂 Other people would dwell on the chaos and sloppy nature here, but me, I love it. Greeks are good people. They have their pride. They’re a little disorganized and very laidback with the way they do things. But really, they are amiable. You are very safe with the Greeks.

TOP 1: Gramvousa and Balos in Kissamos

Greece is drop dead gorgeous! Especially with everything that goes with the water. So many pristine, crystal clear beaches to admire and dive into. Greece really turned me into a water person. It is so beautiful. It is so beautiful.





My time here in Greece is coming to an end. It’s been a great year. I gained a lot more experienced and travel opportunities. More importantly, I’ve grown so much here.

P.S. I loved my apartment.🙂


Last Calls…

More of Greece favorites…

A chapter soon to close, another one opens. Me and my girl will explore more of Greece. We’ll stay in Athens, Thessaloniki and Corfu. Very soon, I will be in Japan and reside there for 2 years.

Very Last Call ….


Happy New Year Everybody!

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Here it is! The moment that we’ve been waiting for. Wait! No. The moment I’ve been waiting for.

It took me a long time to put this all together. What you will see here are quotations that are typed into images. First of all, it was hard for me to come up with the quotes. I’m not as witty as I claim to be. This is one of rare posts where I came up with words first before the images. I tried different variations and combinations of words and images. Some of the images I have one or two or three more versions of. The major delay is the theater shot. I really want it to be the way it is now. In order for me to get that shot, first, I had to schedule the theater. I had to bribe the keeper some chocolates. Then, I politely kicked everyone out of the theater explaining that the picture is intended for blog purpose. They were not very cooperative as they were leaving.

For whatever it’s worth, I hope you enjoy.

This post is part of Special Reports.

Happy Thanksgiving week, next week.


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Music: Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga by Spoon – This album has my choice for the best album opener ever!
Movie: Spirited Away. An animated movie about a girl whose parents turned into pigs.😉 Now she must work to turn them back into human again. This one of Japan’s finest films will never leave the list of the best films of world cinema.


Hopefully next time I use this same concept for a post that I do better. Here I created titles for my Special Reports. I made it a thumbnail gallery because the idea is that I want it to act as if you’re flipping covers to the next.

You can also find these blog posts by on my menu tab.

This is my submission for Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Art.

I used a free app called Phonto.

The Sophomore Slump Recommends

Movie: Silence of the Lambs – “I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti.” … ‘nough said.
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Letrato e Cronicas


This post is part of Special Reports.



What a compliment from a cashier!
She carded me to see if i’m old enough to buy alcohol?😀


Today my fortune cookie reads: You will live a long, fulfilling, rich and happy life…
… only if you order another egg roll. Bwahahaha😆

Did anybody watch Titanic in 3D?
So since it’s in 3D, did the captain see the iceberg then? Ahihihi😀

The ice cream truck has ice cream in it. Garbage truck has garbage in it. So why do we call it “fire truck”? And if my place is on fire, I wouldn’t want to call a “fire” truck to come over. Shoudn’t it be called a water truck instead?😉


So I was driving in LA. You know how traffic can get there. I was with a parent and a kid in the car. The kid asked, “Why are there so many cars?”. I replied jokingly, “Because there’s traffic”. He asked again, “Why is there a traffic?”. I joked back, “Because there are so many cars.”


Why do people say “I hate to be the bearer of the bad news….”?
Geez, if I’m the receiver of the bad news, I don’t think your bad news bearing feeling is gonna be the utmost importance.

I just came out of a particular room.

Someone: How did you do?
Me: Just fine.
Someone: How did the result came out?
Me. Good.
Someone: So what’s your score.
Me: Hmmm… about 8 out of 10.
Someone: There’s only 10 questions!
Me: What questions!?
Someone: You took that test, right?
Me: Oh no, I didn’t. I thought you were asking how I did there inside the restroom.


Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow. Just remember… There’s always tomorrow … …. …. unless you die today.😀

Last Call…



Music: Rip Tide by Beirut. An instant indie classic. A favorite of mine as a driving companion.
Movie: Blue Valentine by Derek Cianfrance. Blue Valentine takes the arrow and then hard-hittingly throws it back to Cupid. It so real, so honest that it completely discolorizes the rainbows of romantic movies. Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams deserve the great recognitions.
Book: Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert A. Heinlein. Everyone has their opinion about this book. And that is what makes it a remarkable important literary work.


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