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“Mister, Can you give me a receipt?” Give me a break. Receipts are trash to me. I just want my change back. No, it isn’t just the jiggling sound of the coins. Turn off your malicious and/or suspicious mind, I also love to reach the inside of my pocket. That […]


Okay, Okay. I have a number of considerations for the week’s challenge. I had theme park rides, aircraft and planes, sports, and display missiles in a museum. I just couldn’t help it. After much thought on the entry for “Launch”, I couldn’t help but think of … Angry Birds. So, Pardon […]


Yes, I’m starting to participate in this post-a-week gizmo here in WordPress. I figure I only post normal 2 posts a month, 3 when I get crazy. I don’t know how I’m going to catch up but I’ll try my darnest. My blog really shows intentional lack of prolificacy. At least now […]

Harvest Breed

Falling fast and falling free you look to find a friend Falling fast and falling free this could just be the end Falling fast you stoop to touch and kiss the flowers that bend And you’re ready now For the harvest breed — Nick Drake


Your skin your skin and bones Turn into something beautiful D’you know for you i bleed myself dry For you i bleed myself dry — Coldplay   .


You’re driftwood floating underwater Breaking into pieces      pieces      pieces Just driftwood hollow and of no use Waterfalls will find you bind you grind you — Travis   .


Pagita-gitara sa isang sulok ng nara Halos mabingi sa mga kanta nina Eric, ni Dave at Stevie Rakrakan hanggang hating gabi   Sa gasgas na akustik at inarbor na elektrik At basag na tunog ng tambol… –Bridge   .