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Featured Blogs, Bloggers, & Posts

As my way to reblog, highlight and general admiration to blogs, bloggers, posts, tags and categories that I think are the bests, I decided to feature them and their entries on the foot of some of my posts. Here’s my list of stand-outs…

155. Bronwyn Joy – Journeys of the FabulistI May Have Overshot A Little (Travelling Anywhere With Sensitive Children)

154. Karen – Healing your GriefThe Road Less Travelled

153. Lisa – NW Frame of Mind: iPhonegraphy Monday: 7-28-14

152. Yvette – priorhouse blog: Nuts on plate (wpc – minimalist)

151. lolaWi – simply beautiful … : splendor of autumn

150. Juliann: Browsing the Atlas: Crafty in Korea

149. LFFL: Loving Food, Fashion, & Life: The Non-Date From Hell

148. Elisa Ruland: Shorts: L.A. Shorts: The Sunset Goodbye Rituals

147. Holistic Wayfarer: A Holistic Journey: Confessions: Mismatching Socks and My Deepest Longing

146. Eric Tonningsen: “Awakening to Awareness”Inspiring Others

145. Sha: Life to my Fullest“Dear Hong Kong, I’m Sorry …”

144. Isadora dela Vega: Inside The Mind of IsadoraWash Day

143. sued15: Last Train to QvilleDiscarded Wishes

142. Edelweiss: A Day in the Life (Un Gourno Nella Vita)Sunset Run

141. Helen C: HHC BlogMetal or the Season of Autumn

140. Ailsa: Where’s My Backpack?Category: Weekly Travel Theme


138. Michael: MK PIXThank You Mom!

137: Renee: cravesadventureDerialment

136. Dalo: China Sojourns Photography – The Art of Devotion

135: Timeless Italy: Italy: From St. Peter to CaravaggioHomemade Chicken Stew in Cefalu, Sicily

134. Zee: Life Confusions A Human Connection

133. Mel Mann PhotographyThe Blog – Images of the Year – 2013

132. Michael Lai: retireediaryCategory: Weekly Photo Challenge 

131. Darla Welcher: Through The LensWeekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition

130. Deborah: Container ChroniclesSinfully Musical: A Musical Theme based on the Seven Deadly Sins

129. sixdegreesphotographyState Fair

128. Sylvia: anotherdayinparadiseRainbows and Waterfalls for Jake’s Challenge.

127. Allan: Hammer Home Street Photography All Through The Night

126. Linda Arthur Tejera: Living With My Ancestors A Word A Week Photograph Challenge – Yellow

125. restlessjoJust one last sunset!

124. Literary VittlesChristkindlmarket

123. Suebee and KatEat Here! (Hawk’s Head)

122. milukiriu: Milu’s Dream TravelerOme Daruma Dolls Market in Tokyo, Japan, Jan 12th, 2014

121. Leanne Cole PhotographyTAG: Learning Photography

120. Vladimir Brezina: Wind Against CurrentWinter Life at the Reservoir

119. T. B. Markinson: Making My MarkMy Novels

118. Shards of DuboisBehold My Muse and the Poems They Inspire

117. Robert M. Weiss: A Site of Discovery and WonderPerched on top of Rabbit’s Ears: An Unforgettable Experience

116. Johanes Jonaz: A SanctuaryWisata Kereta Lori – Kalibaru

115. Shelley @ Travel StainedLa Recoleta Cemetery: Burial Ground of the Rich and Famous

114. Joanne: Nature Walk PhotographyWeekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 in Pictures

113. tokyohamster: oh my omiyageEat Sushi Like a Local

112. Gaylealstrom: Old Woman On A BicycleWeekly Photo Challenge: From Lines to Patterns Part II

111. Efilda: i am uniquely and wonderfully made.Shisa (Lion Dogs) – Mask Making Class in Okinawa

110.  Tvor TravelsA Word A Week: Favourite

109. AngelineM’s BlogN is for …

108. hermitsdoorBrown Sign: Mor’ o’ Morro Bay

107. Mountain Gypsy’s BlogI’ll Be Home 100 Years Part 1

106. Lautal: World in your eyesEvening with iPhone

105. John and Pam Wright: Oh, the Places They Go!Hiking Around Lakes Williams and Redman

104: Wandering ChaBackpacking Solo in South Cotabato

103. Cocomino: Life in Kawagoe – Donjyara

102. magiecrytal: Yosemite, the Girl Next Door

101. Ingrid: Live Laugh RVExfoliation, nature’s way!

100. Rommel: The Sophomore Slump#200

099. Liz: God’s Enduring LoveMy Testimony and An Amazing Story

098. Joycelyn: I Am A SuperstarFriends, Fun, Fringes at Boracay

097. djmaticcus: thematiccuskingdomMy little Piece of Forest

096. 12thsonoflama: The Semi-Regular Roaming LamaIdiot Abroad – everyman buketlist – Pillow Fighting in Berlin

095. GourmandChicCategory: Exotic Food

094. Snook Chaipornvadee: One Cool Thing Every Weekend9 Best Unusual Thing To Do in Southern California

093. premdev: after my coffeeVenice Beach

092. Shakti Ghosal: ESGEE MusingsWhat if …

091. love.antoinette: Street Art Spotted – The Lower East Side

090. Free Penny PressCombat Boots & Gas

089. poppytump@number4Flashback Friday Challenge

088. ClanmotherCelebrating Our Blogging Community

087. Juan Castillo Jr.: Tales from a nutshell cracked openGulf Fritillary: Game of peek a boo

086. Mona Liza and Steve: The Lowe’s RV AdventureFascinating Death Valley – You gotta go here!

085. Colline’s BlogRat race

084. Paula: Lost in TranslationWeekly Photo Challenge: Reflection

083. Felicia: My Voyage Through TimeUndone

082. 7feetnorth deep into the cave

081. Meredith: The Wanderlust GeneSilhouettes and Sunsets

080. Cardinal Guzman Morning at the Western Wall

079. Kat: Travel, Garden, EatWhite-Knuckle Driving is not Romantic

078. livvy: A Year in the LifeTravel Theme: Signs

077. Imelda: My WallCategory: Poems

076. Tom: The Palladian Traveler: Il Soprannome: The Folksy DNA

075. A Gracious Life – A Good Drive

074. Marsha Lee – Quilting with Carmen

073. Sunshine: Simply CharmingWeekly Writing Challenge: A Few of My Favorite Things–Faded Photographs and Papa

072. Three Well Beings: Breathe Lighter –I probably won’t be starting a food blog, but tamales anyone?

071. Carla’s BlogWhat Are My True Feelings? Expressing them in Paint – Calistoga

070. Kate Anthony PhotographyPhoto Flashback: This Time Last Year

069. Anne: Zen and GenkiPics of the Week 20

068. Eliz: Mirth and Motivation Musings: Color Me Poetic

067. Canadian Art JunkieMark Lang: Paintings as Props

066. Loni Found HerselfThese are some of my favorite things…

065. OnestreetshyVerona, Italy and She

064. Amy: The World is a Book…but the old is better

063. coastal traveler: Point Cabrillo Lighthouse

062. Marianne: East of MalagaCapture The Colour

061. Broken Light: A Photography CollectionMoving Free

060. Lance Romel: Lance PostCapture The Colour

059. Mimo Khair: 365 From The ArchiveThe Boy and His Music

058. rona black photographyDisney Hall Abstract

057. Ms. Elena on Traveling My Week With New York

056. PJ: PoeticJourney251Category: Poetry

055. M. Latimer RidleyBroken Laptop & Delirium

054. Angelia Sims: Living, Loving, Laughing, SnappingI’m a Creep, I’m a Weirdo

053. Frizztext: Flickr Comments – Weekly Photo Challenge: Indulge

052. Christina: Couple of Travels Historical Los Angeles: Philippe’s The Originsl

051. A Day in Paradise Travel Theme: Leading Lines

050. Jude’s  Photography

049. Rae SpencerTag: Dragonflies

048. thatgirlwhit – lover of the rad and fabHow I became an Italian chef: Florence Food and Wine Academy

047. SkedazzleOnce Upon A Time …

046. FergiemotoWeekly Photo Challenge: Hope

045. Victor Travel BlogTo Visit Arizona for Miracle: The Wave at Coyote Buttes

044. Will Bailey: nailsbailsGo Sell It on the Mountain

043. Canadian Hiking PhotographyWaterton Lakes May Long Camping

042. Giaskyler – Telluride, CO

041. themofman: Modes of Flight BlogA Lens on Life

040. Janice D: Writing The GirlA Sweet Find

039. Christine R: Part of my WorldIs the gondola ride worth it in Venice?

038. happysherlock: JuguorumLike falling snowflakes

037. Tali Goes Travelling: Naples. Wow.

036. 3rdCultureChildren: The World That We Live In” has called: places we’ve discovered

035. B&W Bears: Lotus – Flower of Macau

034. Madhu: The Urge To Wonder The Outstretched Hands Of The Redeemer

033. Being Arindam – I too had a small Love Story!

032. LuAnn & Terry: Paint Your LandscapeGet High ~ Sequoia National Park (Part 2)

031. SunandGlory: we did it! UNIQUE LA…booth set up

030. Xandre Verkes: Last Edmontonian titbits

029. Chanel: Photography + Science = ChanelChaperoning High School Kids-FIELD TRIP TO MB!

028. Jo Bryant: Chronicles of Illusions Reflections

027. Magdalene: Life by MagdaleneThe Dogs of War

026. Shutter Bug: A Traveller’ TaleDaru Island 1

025. Desiree – desi becomes eclecticbe careful what you asked for, you might just get it

024. aRVee – Santa Fe, Bantayan Island in Cebu

023. Russel Ray – Russel Ray PhotosGolden Eagle at the San Diego Safari Park

022. Jesse Jaca: Photo Blog It’s more fun in the Philippines

021. Orples: How Orples Came To BeReflections

020. Jona Bering: Backpacking with a BookExplore Philippines

019. Mikhail: Digital BallpenCamiguin, CDO, Bukidnon

018. Silving-Bits of LivingCategory: Birds

017. Gilly Gee: Lucid GypsyExeter Cathedral

016. The Island Traveler: This Man’s Journey – The Real World Outside The Bus

015. Louise: The Sacred CaveStreet Art

014. GelaikutingCoron

013. Cee Life PhotographyWhat was the moment that changed your life?

012. Anorwen: Compass TalesYosemite, Tioga Pass

011. Andrew: Temporary LostLife on the Road Part 1: Reflections on Europe

010. Debra: Bagni Di LuccaCategory: Italy

009. Sonyboy: Stories of my Wandering Feet (& Mind)Sitio Madlum: Another Bed of Adventures At The North

008. libertatemamo: Wheeling It Friends & Fall Colors – Mammoth Lakes, CA

007. Andrew E. Petcher: Have Bag, Will TravelCategory: Spain

006. Jake’s PrinterThe New Beginning

005. Tokyobling’s BlogTokyo Dai Jingu

004. tita bud’s blog- 3 Things I Can’t Do

003. Mike is Happy. RelativelyThis is the Tao of Chubby

002. Googsy’s PhotographyInspite of many differences, we’re always together like friends.

001. Lesley Carter: Bucket List Publications#4 Djanet, Algeria


  1. aRVee says:

    Wow, what a great tribute you put in here my friend, it’s an honor to be included in your list of featured bloggers, I appreciate it – a lot, so many thanks!

    Stay safe and all the best!🙂

  2. gelaikuting says:

    Thanks bro for including my Coron adventures in your featured blog. Kindly change my url to Thanks bro🙂

  3. rommel says:

    ^ Done! Good that you mentioned it.

  4. rommel says:

    And my 50th featured blogger is …. (drum roll please) …

  5. Hi and thank you for adding us! Your blog is lovely. We feel so strongly about sharing good photography by people who are affected by mental health issues, your recognition is greatly appreciated! If you (or people you know) are a match, we would definitely welcome your work as a contributor.
    Thanks again and take good care!
    D and the Broken Light Collective

  6. ~mimo~ says:

    Hi, thank you so much for featuring my blog! I am very grateful and pleased🙂

  7. Christina says:

    Yay! Thank you for featuring my Los Angeles post!

  8. Sony Fugaban says:

    I can’t believe I didn’t throw any word here the first time I saw it. Better late than never as they say so I would like to say THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH!

    Being on the list is an honor.

  9. Jo Bryant says:

    So I am trying to help you get to six stars here Rommel…An award/awards for you…but just wanted to let you know…I think you deserve them all personally…but you choose:

  10. Whoo, isn’t that something. We are pleased to be featured and quiet an honor. Thank you so much!
    We sure hope Death Valley is on your list this year, for we know it is just a stones throw from where you live. As we say, You gotta go there! So we will be patiently waiting for your photos.

  11. rommel says:

    Thou shall not pressure me when it comes to going places!!! Oh wait, I like travel pressures.😀 I shall go there this year.

  12. sherrimatt says:

    Thank you so much for liking my new blog, This new world of blogging is a revelation and it’s so great to see the recognition you give to other bloggers.

  13. prem says:

    *blush blush…
    I am on this list😀 thanks Rommel! I must say you are a diligent blogger…

  14. Colline says:

    This is such a good idea for sharing. Thank you for putting me on your list.

  15. gourmandchic says:

    Again thank you! You rock!!!

  16. I agree with you on some of the blogs; several I too am following!Thanks for your recent visit and introduction.

  17. That is a great thing you did. I am new to this blogging thing, two weeks old actually, so I’m glad i found this🙂

  18. Capt Jill says:

    Nice way to spread the love🙂 I’ll be sure to check out some of them. Your photos were beautiful.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my photos for the weekly challenge: let there be light. I appreciate it.
    Hope to make it onto your list someday😉

  19. howdy, do you do blog awards? if so, I can nominate you for the Sunshine Award. If they’re not your thing, that’s cool too!

  20. Angelia Sims says:

    One day I am gonna visit all the blogs here that I haven’t. What a wonderful list!

  21. Awe thank you. Rommel🙂 now I have lots to read! Great list !

  22. Paula says:

    You have given me a lot of homework. Are you sure you haven’t forgotten anybody?😆

  23. Capt Jill says:

    Great way to spread the love and a good example of why I nominated you for a WordPress Family Award. Here’s the post about it……ward-i-won-one/

  24. Thanks for the mention! I appreciate it🙂

  25. Thank you for including me in this list! And what a great way for me to find some more great bloggers to follow!

  26. This is awesome.. not only to be included but what a great way to showcase some blogs I might not otherwise find..
    Well done!!

  27. Brad Bernard says:

    Great list! I’ll have to look through these. Which few are your standout favorites?

  28. janice d. says:

    Thanks for including me in this awesome list with all of these awesome blogs/posts, Rommel. Your support means a lot to me…. 🙂

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