Authentic may have been an overrated, over-used and overkilled travelling term, but authentic is written all over Vigan’s restaurant’s menus, its antique looks and their bucolic way of living. Authentic is Vigan’s perfect description, and not just because of its old houses. Vigan is genuine and true to […]


“I want to feel things, really feel them.                                                                                      How’s that for an ambition?“ –Leonardo diCarpio as Frank Wheeler


we are attending this mercenary commercial world today where quantity ventures over quality and where society bites to the bait of practicality and opportunity, as if we are left with no choice. once in a while, we get to witness some people, things that are still in tact […]

Only By The Night

There was a quite a long time that I needed a Kings of Leon patch. I was in need-to-go-to-rehab addicted, looping Only by the Night for hours to the entire day. And by the time I had all three of their previous albums, I was deaf to anything but […]


Mainit man, sa malayo pa dadayo Makabili ng masarap na halo-halo Magpakahirap haluin mga rekados Matinding init, sandaling mapapayo   Ang Halo-Halo, BAW