Only By The Night

There was a quite a long time that I needed a Kings of Leon patch. I was in need-to-go-to-rehab addicted, looping Only by the Night for hours to the entire day. And by the time I had all three of their previous albums, I was deaf to anything but […]


Mainit man, sa malayo pa dadayo Makabili ng masarap na halo-halo Magpakahirap haluin mga rekados Matinding init, sandaling mapapayo   Ang Halo-Halo, BAW  

I Crave

I’d go back to Diego Garcia even just to order rice and bulgogi. I’d go back to the desert and start a day with a cup of Joe or chill with a frappe from Green Beans Coffee. I’d take another trip just to indulge myself for some Belgian […]


Patience, as quiet as the footsteps of the neighbor upstair and as loud as the pulse that dares me to burst. You tick like a clock that bores everything except the ceiling I stare at. Can I please commit a small crime? Or else, better let me out […]