Tag: Animals

Birds in La Jolla

Together with the seals and sea lions are birds hovering all over the oceanside of La Jolla in San Diego.


It’s More Fun in the Philippines

The Philippine Department Of Tourism had this in the bag. Scattered all over the web are generated images of photos taken in the Philippines by visitors and locals into this plain and simple yet very catchy slogan. It may have a cheeky commercial hook to it, but it truly is buzzworthy, and not […]

Baluarte Zoo in Vigan, Philippines

Zoo, who does not love going to the zoo? I’ve been to good Zoos. The zoo in Puglia in Bari, Italy is a safari-like experience where you drive your own car and the animals can just come up to you including lions. You can also roll down your window and feed […]

Bullfight (Andalusia, Spain)

Here’s another Spain event that deals a lot of cheering. They are actually giving sonorous accolades to the matador when he does a good job. But if the torero makes a mistake or takes a while to accomplish what he’s supposed to, the crowd will surely notice and immediately yell out a series of boo’s. The crowd also waves out their handkerchief in the air. If I had known that, I would’ve brought my own.