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Venice Beach Art

Venice Beach Broadwalk appears to be an outdoor exhibit museum street-lined of of graffiti and vendors selling arts and crafts.


Bullfight (Andalusia, Spain)

Here’s another Spain event that deals a lot of cheering. They are actually giving sonorous accolades to the matador when he does a good job. But if the torero makes a mistake or takes a while to accomplish what he’s supposed to, the crowd will surely notice and immediately yell out a series of boo’s. The crowd also waves out their handkerchief in the air. If I had known that, I would’ve brought my own.

Philippine Music Scene

Allow me to take a blog moment to visit my motherland, Philippines. There’s no time that I visit my homeland without checking out music gigs. The best one for me is Up Dharma Down. I remember how I Indian-sat in front of the stage looking up and just being […]

Surprising Cover Songs

They say “Don’t judge the book by its cover”. I say “Judge the song by its cover”. For when a certain song gets done by another artist, you can discover a lot more from it esp. when a different version is made. Sometimes, even the worst songs can […]

My First Summer in Ventura

You know that song more or less a decade ago by Tori Amos called “A Sorta Fairytale”. The first line of the song goes “On my way up north, up on the Ventura….” Well in case you’ve been wondering what the place looks like, here are some of the […]

10 Most Victorious Moments in Survivor

It’s when the castaways get food after prolonged hunger. It’s when they make the necessary fire. It’s when they win mmunities. It’s when they see their love ones. It’s when they have the power or control, when get revenge, when they have their ways and their plans successful. It’s […]