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The Jelly Experience [Exhibit III]

I have weighed and attempted all of my options. I dove the lowest of lows. I reached the highest height. I drove the path-less-traveled. I have chased all the pavements leading nowhere. I read the manual. I watched the DIY videos. I took baby steps. I leapfrogged it. […]

Muir Woods National Monument

I take pictures of places I go to, things I see and people who are casually blocking my camera view. I’m not so fond of having taken pictures of myself. I have a friend who once asked why people don’t include themselves in the picture. I asked that question in reverse. Like music genre […]

It’s More Fun in the Philippines (part deux)

There’s so many islands there that I don’t even dare remember each one every time our navigator or guide mention their names. Caramoan is actually my first island hopping experience. To avoid too much crowd, I didn’t want to choose the country’s more popular summer destinations like Puerto Prinsesa or Puerto Gallera or […]