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I think that everything has its good and bad, as in every little single thing.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret

I thought about the instance when I got rammed by the bull during the bullrun event in Spain. I had a close call of ruining my family jewel due to stupidity. Even then I can’t say I regretted it. I had fun, and the was worth the experience. […]

So, why do we travel?

 So why do we travel? Traveling is a gold card member of devious teasers. All these beautiful panoramic views and images, it calls out every time you look at them. It pokes you childishly. Then it gets impatient, it prods, nags erratically. To be someplace else, it’s our favorite dream no matter how good the […]

HfH of Ventura

I always lose my balance standing on only one foot. I always have to lean on other things for stability. Granted, I can’t even stand on my own feet. I maybe independent in textbook but I rely on others. Believe you-me, I’ve been in many many many situations where I kept my […]