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James Blake at FYF Fest in L.A.

That’s the music of James Blake- one of a kind, entrancing, eccentric… wonderful


Old Fisherman’s Wharf or Cannery Row

. Take your choice, Cannery Row or Fisherman’s Wharf. As soon as you walk out the must-go-to Monterey Bay Aquarium, you will be greeted by a row of inviting shops, restaurants and other business ventures including other family-fun activities that Cannery Row offers. Cannery Row is longer, has […]

Fair Oaks Pharmacy: Your First Stop to Route 66

A pharmacy? You might ask. Yep, this pharmacy situated so courtly with outside tables at the corner of Mission St. and Fair Oaks Ave. has adjoining vintage store and soda, ice cream and coffee bar counter. I don’t know where else I’ll be exploring the historic Route 66, but I’m telling you, my first stop is raising the bar high.

California, USA

I remember the first time I saw San Francisco. I think I left my heart there. I wasn’t even there for The Golden Gate Bridge. So it really wasn’t the place that I had good memory of it. It was the people in the street and their agendas. I see a line […]


Like awkward moments or cornering questions, we tend to just chuckle to it, razzle-dazzle or completely ignore it. We hide from facts. We raise our shoulders denying the truth. We forget the underlying problems. We go with the flow. We sit and we wait until ….until something so strong rattles our quiet cage. We swing until …until something very reluctant and eager penetrates through the commonplace.


When it comes to movies, there are those that are too serious, too dramatic or too directorial to my expectations of a good movie. There are just these pretentiously “indiesized” films. They generate a typical traditional story that we’ve known, put some depth and heart into it and […]

My TOP 12 Albums of 2010

Last year, 2009, was such a snooze fest in entertainment that there was that hint of doubtful optimism that this year will fail to represent a good start of the new decade. Fortunately, just like any new beginnings promise with, 2010 manages to provide the right level of innovation […]

My Top 10 Music Videos of 2010

Do yourselves some favors. Check these videos out on Youtube, will yah.  10. F*ck You – Cee-Lo If you don’t know this song by now, don’t even bother scrolling down the rest of the list. Go ahead and push the BACK button on the upper left. 09. Tightrope – […]